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The Millionaire Moses

line The Millionaire Moses

Amazing journey through the manifesting mind and actions of Moses, including how to claim your manna or “daily bread” and a detailed look at the prospering power of the 10 Commandments.




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“What is prosperity? It is not limited to any one phase of your life. Prosperity includes your increased peace, health and plenty. It is an experience in perpetual growth which leads to constant expansion of your world in both inner and outer ways. That expansion leads to your “Prosperity Unlimited”! That is what this book is all about.”

Catherine Ponder pretty much summed up my review in that little introductory paragraph. I will do my best to expand on it for you, though, as I believe The Millionaire Moses is a profoundly important book. Catherine Ponder began teaching prosperity principles in the depths of a recession, not unlike what we’ve been experiencing recently. And Moses is a perfect character to follow because we have all at one time in our lives felt “enslaved” to our conditions and lost in the “wilderness” of the unknown. This book chronicles Moses’ journey from slave to mastery of his own destiny and eventually to being the leader of an entire nation.

Imagine wandering in the “wilderness” for forty years before your good appears! You can considerably shorten your journey and reach your promised land and enter into it with far more ease and grace once you know and incorporate the prosperity laws demonstrated by Moses. These include the prosperity laws of cause and effect, fearlessness, the willingness to gather your daily bread (manna), and the holy trinity of prosperity laws – opulence, preparation and completion.

Ponder’s detailed description of how to gather your prosperous manna is a powerful blueprint that expresses the importance of recognizing the good that is at hand and putting it into use.

The most compelling part of The Millionaire Moses is Ponder’s chapter on the Prosperity Commandments. This delightful restating of the Ten Commandments uncovers the prosperity secret that God embedded in each commandment.

As Ponder points out, the biblical book of Exodus, in which Moses plays a starring role, shows you how to escape the bondage of financial limitation and hardships of every type. Each chapter in this book concludes with a vibrant affirmative meditation you can use to seat the principles into your subconscious.

Just as I had Ponder’s own words lead off this review, it seems fitting to let her have the last word as well:

“An expanded prosperity consciousness is a necessity in this age of increasing economic demands. Rising prices, “inflationary recessions,” and uncertain political and economic world conditions are all indications that we must raise and expand our consciousness to a new level of universal supply.

“Through using the prosperity laws described in this book, you can deliberately get into a universal prosperity vibration, and begin to experience more successful results in every phase of your life. Whatever you most need next in your life can open to you, as you open your mind to the prosperity secrets of the millionaire Moses.

Other concepts you’ll uncover in this book include:

  • The secret ways compromise tries to undermine your success
  • How to handle it when things appear to be getting worse
  • The importance of giving thanks BEFORE you take one more step
  • Why true graciousness in the face of negativity is so incredibly powerful
  • How to do the fearless thing – and how that act of courage can dissolve all obstacles to your good
  • Moses’ three secret weapons for prosperity – and how to use them properly
  • The importance of releasing pleasant circumstances, even when you’re in the middle of enjoying them fully!


Excerpts from The Millionaire Moses:

When in the throes of unhappy experiences, you may not be able to reverse your thoughts right away, but you can reverse your words. Repetition of right words impress both the conscious and subconscious phases of your world through your words. You can transform your life by transforming your thinking about your life through your words.

Almost everyone in the world today is in bondage to something. We are in the process of overcoming limited thinking and restricted living in some form. But this is for a purpose. It is through our bondage experiences that we “come to ourselves” inwardly and outwardly. Your bondage experiences motivate you to want to rise out of limitation and to go forward to something better!

The great cause of bondage is this:

Most of us have believed that we were helped or hurt by other people, that we received our good from outside circumstances, people or events. But our good really comes to us from within our own being. God in us is the fountainhead of all our good. When you realize this, nothing anyone does or says, or fails to do or say, can shake you up or keep you from claiming your good.

It is through persistently claiming your freedom, even in the face of apparent failure, that you come through defeat undefeated. Persistence is a first requirement for getting out of bondage. Moses proved it, and so can you!

It once took me ten years to get free of bondage to a certain problem. For long periods I felt I could not go on trying; the bondage seemed endless. Yet something in me made me go on. I had nothing to go back to.

When freedom finally came, I realized that every effort in that direction had been getting me ready for the final overcoming. Had it not been for the continuous effort, I would not have gained the inner strength needed to make the demonstration, nor the insight to keep it.

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Perhaps you are trying to cross a Red Sea of financial difficulties. If so, do something fearless. Face the financial challenge by saying to it, “You do not scare me.” Then stretch forth your thinking over the situation by declaring “Divine substance cannot be withheld from me now. Divine substance is the one and only reality in this situation Divine Substance is available, and Divine Substance is doing its bountiful work here and now. Knowing this, I have faith that every need is now met.”

In some way Divine Substance will come to your rescue. If you do not do the fearless thing at this point, you will just stand looking at your Red Sea of difficulties indefinitely and fearfully. This holds those difficulties in your life.

A housewife had several hundred dollars’ worth of bills due. She waited for money to appear with which to pay them. Nothing happened until she realized that she must do something fearless. She had just $10 left in her checking account. It was a “faith offering” given in the belief that additional money would appear.

She said to a friend, “I am going to demonstrate the prosperity I need because I have just done the fearless thing. I have given, so I have opened the way to receive.” It happened. She soon received $400 for some work she had done months earlier for which she had never been paid.

So often people have not gathered their manna, because they have stood back waiting to be divinely delivered from their needs in some spectacular way. Your needs will always be supplied when you begin to use something close at hand. You may wish to begin by asking, “Divine Substance, show me how to ‘gather my manna’.” Lead me to the abundance at hand. Show me how to use it, and how to multiply it.”

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Do not criticize your wilderness experiences. Instead, make the best of them. Affirm that good things are happening to you. Praise, bless and use what is at hand. You always have in your immediate midst whatever is needed to begin gathering your manna. As you use it fearlessly, your good will multiply in countless ways.

The success secret connected with Moses’ episode with the rock is that you can dissolve hard conditions in your life with words. There is tremendous magic even in ordinary words. People have often talked themselves into the grave through their use of ordinary words like “I feel bad,” I am so sick,” “I don’t think I’m going to make it,” “I inherited my bad health. It runs in the family.”

The power that your words have on your body and upon your financial affairs is nothing short of fantastic. Optimistic people, stricken with illness, have talked themselves back to health. Financially stricken people have talked their way back to prosperity. Because of the creative power of words, you need no longer hesitate to speak to rocky conditions. They will respond.

From the Ten Commandments, you can learn specific “prosperity and success teachings” that can cause you to depart from limited living. They can help you to experience liberation from less than the best in your life. To succeed means “to obtain favorable results.” The Ten Commandments show you how to do just that.

The first four Commandments have to do with man’s right attitude toward God as a rich and loving Father, and his right relationship with God – both with man’s indwelling God-nature and with the universal God.

The last six Commandments have to do with man’s right attitudes toward, and right relationship with, his fellowman.

All of the Ten Commandments contain powerful teachings in prosperous living that you need to understand and apply – especially when, like the rebellious Hebrews, you are tempted to compromise and settle for less than the best life during your wilderness periods. As you use them, they can become your “prosperity and success commandments” too!

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The law of opulence includes where you give your tithe. You place your faith where you place your money You should give your tithes at the point or points where you are receiving spiritual help and inspiration.

A businesswoman once wrote, “I do not understand it. I am using the laws of prosperity, yet I am not prospering. I have an apartment house that I cannot keep rented. Don’t tell me to tithe. I am already doing so.

When asked “Where are you tithing?” she replied, “I cannot see that it matters where I give. I tithe to the church that I used to attend because they still send me pledge cards. But I attend another church now where I find far more inspiration and practical help.”

It was suggested that where she gave her tithes is as important as how she spent the other 90 percent of her income. She would not go to one doctor for help, yet pay another. She would not go to one restaurant to be fed, yet pay at another restaurant. Neither should she give at one point when she had received spiritual help elsewhere.

Where you give your tithes is very important. It may not be the largest spiritual organization or the most prominent. You should give to that individual in spiritual work, or to that organization, where you are receiving spiritual help and inspiration.

You should deliberately prosper those who inspire and help you meet life’s problems victoriously – if for no other reason than to safeguard your own best interest! You should make your chosen channel of inspiration as prosperous as possible, in order to keep it free from financial burdens and so that it may continue to minister spiritually, unhindered by material care.

There are no shortcuts in developing a prosperity consciousness of opulence. There are those who say “I do not tithe to those who inspire me but I do show my appreciation with gifts.” You would not take your doctor or lawyer a gift instead of paying him properly for his professional services. A spiritual consciousness is the result of a lifetime (or perhaps many lifetimes) of development. Its help is priceless to the one seeking it. Just appreciation opens the way for the expansion of your own consciousness of opulence.

Sharing is always the beginning of opulent increase.

A young businessman wanted to enter into the ministry, but with a growing family to support, it seemed financially impossible. As the desire persisted, he quietly prepared anyway by attending night school and by taking correspondence courses to complete certain requirements. He even made a sermon preparation file. Every time he read a book, magazine article or newspaper item that interested him, he clipped it for his sermon file.

After quietly preparing for his desired profession in these ways over a period of time, a person of wealth made him a financial gift that covered his seminary training. When he became a minister, he drew heavily on the sermon materials he had secretly gathered and filed years earlier.

The prosperity law of preparation is this: Make a move toward your desired good by preparing for it. Then your good will make a move toward you.

A businessman needed a car. He reasoned that he should prepare for it by building a carport to house it. By the time he finished the carport, the way opened financially to purchase the car.

Have you ever had a negative experience that you could not get freed from? Or one that you were freed from for a time, then it reappeared? Have you ever had the same problem reappear again and again in your life, and you wondered why?

No experience can ever be concluded in your life until you have given it your final blessing. If you do not bless it, that old problem will reappear again and again, awaiting your blessing.

So long as you resent a troublesome person or circumstance, you will have to meet that problem repeatedly in your life in some guise. When you give a blessing to that person or circumstance, then comes your release – often in some dramatic way.

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