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The Millionaire From Nazareth

line The Millionaire From Nazareth

A beautiful explanation of Jesus’ teachings and the overflowing prosperity lessons they contain for you.


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The Millionaire From Nazareth Review

The whole “blessed are the poor in spirit” proclamation has given Jesus a bad rap when it comes to prosperity. Main people point to this and the statement that “it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” as evidence that Christians should be poor. Or at least shouldn’t strive to have prosperity. I know many people who are spiritual leaders or healers who believe that it’s a ‘sin” to set fees or take money for their work. And so they struggle and resent the sense of lack feel because they have forgotten that God is the Source of All Supply.

When Roman Rule took over the Promised Land, there was no one overseeing the mandatory laws that had brought the region into such vast abundance. Many were feeling stuck, repressed, overburdened. Jesus saw this and accepted the job of reminding everyone of God’s abundant promises.

Jesus’ entire body of teachings, the Good News he came to proclaim, was all about prosperity and living life abundantly. It is extremely surprising to me that The Millionaire From Nazareth isn’t the most widely read Catherine Ponder book in print. It should be mandatory reading at every church, in my opinion! I certainly think it would benefit every Christian (not to mention the rest of us!) who is struggling financially.

Catherine Ponder does a fine job summarizing Jesus’ life and upbringing, then moves right into demonstrating how each of Jesus’ miracles represented the profound, powerful prosperity laws he was reminding us how to use. Among these are:

  • The Prosperity Law of Adaptability as shown at the wedding feast where he turned water into fine wine.
  • The Prosperity Law of Continuation from the loaves and fishes miracle.
  • The Prosperity Law of Unrestricted Supply from when he made the tax money appear in the fish’s mouth.
  • The Prosperity Parable of Right Use as told in the story of the prodigal son.

My favorite parts of this book are covered in Chapters 4 and 5 when Ponder cracks opens up the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer. She pours out the secret meaning of each beatitude – releasing the prospering power of each one. And then she demonstrates how the Lord’s Prayer was the foremost success secret used by early Christians – and how you can use it to create health, love, youth, peace and success for yourself.

This book wraps up with two more mighty chapters. Chapter 9 cover the meaning and power behind the widow who gave her last two coins to the temple, in a demonstration of her belief in her true value and abundance. And the final chapter demonstrates how to tap the success power offered by Jesus after he reappeared to the Disciples – using the Prosperity Law of the Right Side. This one strategy alone, once you’ve developed your prosperity consciousness to a higher level, can strengthen your character and open the way for you to experience super-abundance. The end truly is just the beginning, once you start putting these strategies to work in your life.


Excerpts from The Millionaire From Nazareth:

The word “gospel” means “good news,” and the good news is that there is gold in the gospel for you! We have often thought of Jesus as the great healer, which he was. We have regarded him as an expert in prayer, which he was. But Jesus also understood, used and taught the mental and spiritual laws of prosperity in a way that no one before or since ever has.

It was not wealth that Jesus condemned, but the methods by which it was acquired, and the way in which it was so often used. There were more dishonorable people of wealth in Jesus’ time than honorable ones. They often amassed their wealth – not by honest work in a business or profession – but more often by unjust means through bribery, extortion, or confiscation of someone’s property.

There were all too few of the other type of men of affluence in the East: the kind who acquired their wealth in honorable ways during the prosperous years, then held that wealth in trust, sharing it with the common people during the lean years. In times of famine, the “honest rich” shared generously with the less fortunate. Such men of honor often lived simply, making no great display of their success.

In using the prosperity law of adaptability, here is the first step in mental action that you should take: When there is a need to be met in your life, it will be immediately brought to your attention: either through people or circumstances outside yourself, or through your own awareness. Yet, like Jesus, you should not rush forth to try to make it right in an outer way. You should work it out on the inner plans of consciousness – in your thoughts and feeling nature – first.

Jesus knew it would take a little time for him to turn ordinary water into fine wine. Rush, force and coercion have no place in the realm of prosperous thinking. They never demonstrate abundance. Instead, rush, force, and coercion only dissipate your good.

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The people of the East had long been noted for their merciful kindness to friend and foe alike. Surrounded by the harshness of nature, those simple desert people lived in arid places, and had to depend upon the merciful kindness of others for water, grass for their cattle, and the bare necessities of life that they needed just to survive.

Jesus was trying to remind his followers that instead of dwelling upon the appearance of persecution and injustice all about them, they could again release great power for good in their lives by dwelling upon thoughts of mercy and acts of kindness.

Unmerciful attitudes are those of criticism, condemnation, hate, revenge, and the desire to get even. Unmerciful attitudes cause more indebtedness and financial worry than any other state of mind. “The arrogant never escape” is a true statement. Criticism, condemnation and unforgiveness of both ourselves and others can cause hard financial conditions that have to be broken up and dissolved before we can be permanently prospered.

When you begin entertaining prosperous thinking, the old thoughts of lack and limitation that have long been lodged in your subconscious will rise to the surface of your conscious mind, and they may even accuse you: “Who do you think you are that you should expect so much good to come to you? Why should you expect to prosper when you’ve never had enough? Why should you expect to succeed when you have so often failed? Why should you expect good health when you’ve experienced so much illness? Why should you expect miracles when your life has been so grim?”

These old attitudes of lack, limitation and failure may try to insist: “Your expectations are too good to be true. They are too wonderful to happen. Even if they did happen, they would be too good to last.”

When Jesus said, “Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” he meant: You can know you are in the process of getting results, that your mind is being cleansed of fear and limitation; that your life is being freed of problems – when you begin to think prosperously and those old attitudes loom up from within and try to persecute you. Do not be discouraged, but rejoice! They are rising to the surface of your mind to fade away forever. Your steadfastness to the expanded viewpoint shall bring advancement. This is the time to say, “Peace, be still,” to the doubts and fears. This is the time to declare, “AS I MEET THIS EXPERIENCE CONSTRUCTIVELY, I SHALL GO FORTH TO GREATER GOOD.”

People have often made a practice of parroting the Lord’s Prayer one time automatically, instead of declaring it over and over slowly. So they have not realized its healing, prospering power. The repeated declaration of the Lord’s Prayer has a certain energizing effect, like eating and drinking.

When you meditate upon, verbally declare, or even write out the Lord’s Prayer over and over, you bring alive, tune in on, and tap that same healing consciousness that Jesus used to restore the blind, the lame, and the incurables. When you declare over and over the Lord’s Prayer, you become attuned to the same prospering power that Jesus used to feed the five thousand, to turn mere water into fine wine, and to manifest tax money from the fish’s mouth. Yes, the Lord’s Prayer is filled with tremendous power that can be successfully released into your daily life here and now! To declare the Lord’s Prayer over and over can fire your whole being with new energy, power and substance.

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One of Jesus’ secrets in manifesting these miraculous riches was that he did not mentally put off his good. He did not expect a delay. He knew that faith draws on divine resources, so he expected immediate results.

A man spent his days feeling deprived of his health because eighteen years before, he had suffered an attack of paralysis that left his right leg stiff. Then he made two changes in his thinking that brought release from his crippling condition:

First. He began to give thanks and rejoice in the health he already had. He praised his fine eyesight and keen hearing, his excellent digestion, and his freedom from colds and infections.

Second. He learned the value of expecting his healing now, not postponing it until he had made more progress in inner or outer ways. He began to declare daily: “NOTHING CAN OBSTRUCT THE INSTANT, CONSTANT, IMMEDIATE FLOW OF PERFECT GOOD TO ME NOW.”

It is important to realize that when the financial need arose, there was no quibbling, grumbling, or talk of lack. Instead, as instructed by Jesus, Peter immediately said “yes” to the financial demand. He did not fight it. Many people miss their good when a financial need arises because they spend both their inner mind power and their outer physical energy negatively criticizing and condemning the financial need. They should, instead, quickly say, “I have faith that I can meet this need. Yes, with God’s help I will gladly pay it now.”

By saying “yes” to the need, the battle is half won! The forces of the universe are then freed to go into action to help you meet that need. The rich forces of the universe are also freed to multiply the substance that returns to you, in response to that which you sent out. Every financial expenditure is but an “investment” in universal substance. If you send it forth nonresistantly, your financial expenditure is guaranteed to return to you multiplied somewhere along the way!

When you pray to meet a need and the way opens for you to meet that need, be sure you take what comes and use it as you have promised to do – no matter how many other needs you have. If you change your mind after your good comes, and you use that promised good in some other way, you will have to meet the challenge of that need again and again in various guises until you fulfill it.

Also, if you have promised God certain things as He helps you, be sure to follow through on your promises, as your need is met. For instance, when one intends to make a gift of money in a certain amount and then mentally lessens it, or doesn’t give it all, he is lessening his own receiving capacity. So don’t cheat yourself by trying to cheat on the situation. Play it straight and prosper.

As you bless the money that you give away, you will discover that the money that comes to you in return will do many things for you which you would not have dreamed it could. When the word of blessing is placed upon tangible objects, those objects are then surrounded with the quickening power of divine substance, causing that substance to work its multiplying power for good through every phase of your life.


To purchase this book on Amazon, click here or feel free to leave your comments below…

Stop trying to figure out or reason through how increased good can come to you. Your supply is omnipresent. It is everywhere. Declare often, “MY SUPPLY COMES FORM THE INFINITE.”

The widow knew that the way to overcome the belief in lack was to keep her supply in circulation by sending it out. Ask yourself often, “How can I get my supply into circulation? What do I have that I can send out?” You must do something in faith to move the rich substance of the universe into activity. As you fearlessly send out, you can then expect replenishment.

A lady recently said, “I thought if I studied and learned more about prosperous thinking and then earned more, later I could give. But the moment I reversed this process and began to give first of what I already had, the way to all of life’s blessings opened to me. My mistake had been to think I had to receive before I could give.”

You can estimate what you would do with much by what you do with little. If you feel you cannot share, you are poor in mind and you will remain poor financially. Furthermore, if you say you are too poor to share now, you will find other reasons for not sharing if and when your supply ever becomes greater (which is doubtful).

As you change inwardly, the outer problems of your life will start to change. As you persist in daily living as if Christ were with you, you will cease to be poor and without opportunity. Friends will be drawn to you. Doors will open before you. Your surroundings will blossom with beauty. You have the magic words, “Christ is here.” Fretting inwardly or making extreme outer effort doesn’t change things much, but Christ does.


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