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Prosperity Secrets of the Ages

line Prosperity Secrets of the Ages

My personal favorite, this was my introduction to Catherine Ponder’s work. Her follow-up to Dynamic Secrets of Prosperity, this book is a wonderful summary to get you started on your new abundant life!

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This was the first Catherine Ponder book I ever read. I still have my original copy. It is dog-eared top and bottom on many pages. It’s highlighted in pink, yellow and blue. It’s underlined and written in the margins in blue, black and red ink as well as with pencil. I’ve starred and bracketed great chunks of the text. I’ve scribbled my own thoughts and affirmations in the margins until the words run off the page. In other words, this is a national treasure trove of prosperity consciousness raising information! Even after I eventually read The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (Ponder’s first book), I find this one to be even clearer, and more helpful. Written in the year of my birth may give it even more cachet.

Why do I find this book so incredibly helpful? Because Ponder explains, explores and demonstrates how we can harness the laws that govern the universe to harness and create the good we desire in our lives. She uses biblical stories familiar to many to demonstrate how these success principles can be put into action. It’s not just a theoretical discussion. Ponder actually demonstrates how these principles have worked in her life and in the lives of those who have attended her prosperity classes or read her books.





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