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Prospering Power of Love

line Prospering Power of Love

This slim volume contains the greatest secrets of all as you advance into fully embracing the truth of your abundant nature.

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The premise of this book is simple yet powerful: there is no obstacle that love cannot dissolve. There is no good that love cannot draw to you. Catherine Ponder then spends 116 pages walking you through the step-by-step prosperity method of infusing love into your life in an unconditional way.

Discover for yourself how love can dissolve any conflict between you and anyone else. And how you can harness and sling arrows of love at others who are in conflict – and actually watch as the tensions between them melt away.

Love truly does conquer all. Prospering Power of Love is a straightforward easy read. It reminds me of a fine wine – it just gets better and better with age. Anytime you’re facing a challenge, whip this puppy out and open it at random to any page.

Some people might find the exercises of writing letters to your angels of health, prosperity, healing and release to be a bit corny, I suggest you try it before you knock it. Angel-writing is creepily powerful and productive (and I say that having many friends are angel-workers)!

Many folks like to hang onto the drama in our lives. If you’re ready to release it all and let love and only love remain, then get this book. Read this book. Heck, memorize and recite from this book at will!





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