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Open Your Mind to Receive


Becoming open to your abundance is an important step to claiming your good. Overcoming resistance to receiving, however, is equally essential. This book guides you in becoming more willing to receive.


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Have you ever felt like you’re turning down your good or sabotaging your ability to keep the good that comes to you? That’s where this powerful book comes into play. Catherine Ponder wrote Open Your Mind to Receive in 1983 when she realized that many people were successfully using the prosperity principles outlined in Dynamic Laws of Prosperity and Open Your Mind to Prosperity, but were somehow unable to keep hold of the good that they had manifest.

Ponder helps you uncover and release outdated beliefs that actually repel the good you’ve drawn to you. She doesn’t pull any punches (her coaching style is much like my own!); she empowers you to take action to change your life by helping you realize that you are the one who has created whatever is going on in your life. Her stories are quick and insightful (sometimes inciteful too!), and they always provide that missing ingredient you’ve needed to jumpstart yourself into action.

Of particular note is the chapter on the Power of Agreement which is highly useful if you’ve ever had a challenge honoring yourself. Pay attention to any places in the book you think are simplistic. Challenge yourself to incorporate them for 30 days rather than dismiss them from the start. Then you can look back and see how powerful these “simple” tools are!

The chapter on tithing in this book is one of the best explanations of the power of this action I’ve ever seen (outside of my own book, Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, which even Catherine Ponder said was essential reading!).

Carry Open your Mind to Receive and Open your Mind to Prosperity with you every day and refer to it throughout the day and your life will be transformed. Period.





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