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Open Your Mind to Prosperity

line Open Your Mind to Prosperity

This book demonstrates how to open up to being a full channel of your abundance using mental changes, which soon transform into outer transformation.

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This book was originally written in 1971 as a sequel to The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Open Your Mind to Prosperity is a concise primer to remind you of the basic and advanced methods for demonstrating prosperity.

Once you’ve fully embraced and incorporated the prosperity principles into your life, I recommend getting a copy of this book and keeping it with you at all times, just as you would a bandage or aspirin. That way, if you ever find any feeling of lack or limitation creeping up on you, you can nip it in the bud quickly, by activating whichever prosperity principle resonates most with you in that moment.

This book is a pocket roadmap to peace and contentment in every area of your life. You can easily manifest what you desire, release your attachment to the form and stay centered on your own spiritual enrichment simply by reading a page or two of this book every day. This book contains the entire formula you need to create permanent prosperity.

I’ve always been a big fan of Anne Frank’s book, The Diary of Anne Frank, because of her unfailing belief in the goodness of people. Open Your Mind to Prosperity gives me that same warm feeling – because of Catherine Ponder’s unfailing belief in the goodness of ourselves. A better transformational pick-me-up I’ve yet to find!



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