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Millionaires of Genesis

line Millionaires of Genesis

Moving through all the great leaders whose stories are told in Genesis, this book demonstrates all the different mindsets that lead to lasting prosperity and abundance.



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The Millionaires of Genesis Review

What’s refreshing about The Millionaires of Genesis is how Catherine Ponder exposes the secret-success-symbology of the ancient Egyptians as being the same metaphysical mysticism of the Bible. The nine millionaires Ponder explores range from Adam (the first millionaire) to Ruth. This book shares the stories of how these nine historical figures moved through their lives, overcame obstacles and achieved fulfillment. Abraham, Melchizedek, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob (he gets 3 chapters!), Joseph (the first Billionaire – move over Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!) are also included.

Ponder demonstrates how each millionaire of Genesis embodied some attribute that we see today in ourselves as we move toward a higher prosperity consciousness. Jacob, for example, is shown to be a slow learner, who started out thinking he had to force his good and eventually moved into the realization that he could use his mind powers constructively to create his good.

Readers who like The Millionaire Mind and the Law of Attraction will especially enjoy Ponder’s take on these processes which she was teaching decades before those movements came into modern form. This book is incredibly powerful and it’s important to pay attention as you do the work outlined in this book. Once you begin connecting to the spiritual side of manifesting what you desire, your ego may become frightened at the power you’ve unleashed and that fear may cause you to stop. Don’t. Keep moving forward and keep creating the life you want.

Many people think that “hard work” is the key to them attaining what they want. Catherine explains how to evolve out of this Adam consciousness and into a world of increasing abundance, harnessing divine ideas that come to you, and reveling in your ability to produce what you desire, sometimes even seemingly out of thin air. She outlines how to recognize divine substance as the one and only reality in your life and the one and only source of your wealth.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the Success Symbology of the Twelve Tribes of Ishmael. This section pretty much hands you a blueprint for how to not only survive – but actually thrive – when you’re wandering through your own wilderness experiences.

This book also contains step-by-step instructions on how Jacob created his Success Covenant with God and how you can do the same. It’s like a contract with God or an expectancy map detailing what you’re expecting and what you’re willing to give in return for your good even before it arrives. And then she brings it all together in her explanation of Joseph’s amazing ability to become the first known billionaire. He practiced the prospering powers of release, non-resistance, forgiveness, affirmation, picturing, recognition of God as the Source of his supply, and tithing. Ponder walks you through each process and demonstrates, with a myriad of examples, how others have successfully used these principles to attract and permanently receive the good they desired. Discover for yourself how to manifest invisible substance into lavish, visible abundance. “Joseph proved that the longer your good is in coming, the bigger it will be when it comes, if you persist in expecting it, and in preparing to receive it.”

Other lessons learned from The Millionaires of Genesis, which are covered eloquently by Ponder in this book, include:

  • Developing a creative consciousness of prosperity by releasing limiting ideas of our good coming from certain places, people or things.
  • How to use forgiveness to create an inner vacuum for drawing your good to you.
  • How to picture your way out of financial limitations even if you’re not a good visualizer.
  • How to create sustainable prosperity through the combined use of mental and heart laws.
  • How to open to receive the wealth of the universe.
  • The completely reversible ways we stop our good from coming to us.
  • The proven scientific and orderly strategy of giving that creates permanent prosperity in your life.
  • The secret trick to help you overcome the desire to manipulate events in order to force your prosperity.
  • How to release past restrictive influences in order to grow, expand and develop into the life you’re ready for and that is right for you.
  • The secret method used by Isaac that can increase your income by 100-fold in just one year.
  • How to create a magnetic vacuum in your life using the power of nonresistance – and irresistibly draw your good to yourself.
  • The prospering protection hidden in the act of giving.

Excerpts From Millionaires of Genesis:

“I have figured out an easy way to become a millionaire. Please pray that one million people will send me one dollar each,” someone wrote.

People often think as did this person: That wealth can come to them only when other people and conditions respond to them. However, the secret of wealth is that it begins within your own thoughts and feelings. Through the deliberate action of your mind, you can develop a millionaire consciousness that will lead you to literal wealth as well as to increased abundance in all phases of your life.

It is appropriate that the millionaires of Genesis show you how this can be done because the world “genesis” means “to begin,” “to initiate action,” “to take the first step” or “to get something going.”

An expanded prosperity consciousness is a necessity in this age of increasing economic demands. Rising prices, “inflationary recessions,” and uncertain political and economic world conditions are all indications that we must raise and expand our consciousness to a new level of universal supply. The ancient millionaires in this book show you how to do so.

Eve, like Adam, was surrounded by the rich substance of the universe, out of which all wealth is formed. But Eve seemed unaware that she was in the midst of so much abundance, and lamented the feeling of lack. The result was that she was cast out of Eden. One must gain an inner feeling of abundance before they can experience outer wealth permanently.

You soon discover that if you do not give voluntarily to the constructive experiences of life, you will find yourself giving involuntarily to the destructive experiences of life – but give you must. It is the law of the universe.

Several friends were working together on a special project that lasted a week. Every night after work on this project, they would go out together to eat. Three of these people took turns paying for the evening meals. The fourth one did not offer to pay for anything.

After concluding this special work project, on their last night together, they decided to dine out in special celebration. Again, the fourth member of the group paid for nothing, though she enjoyed a lavish meal in beautiful surroundings. On the way home that night, she discovered that she had lost about $50 in cash. Some prized jewelry she had been wearing was also missing. She quickly proved the law: Hold back and it will be withheld, even taken, from you.

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When you are digging inwardly and outwardly for your good, perhaps you will get results. Yet the Philistines of limitation may appear in some form and demand the good you have realized. Like Isaac, you can know that you still have more wells to dig!

You should continue to dig deeper in consciousness because you are not yet in your true place – that big place in your growth where your full-blown good awaits you. Like Isaac, if you refuse to fight back – if you refuse to say “My good has been taken from me” or “My good has been withheld from me” – then you will expand into that place which Isaac called “Rehoboth.” It will be your place of enlargement, and of greater expression.

When you have expanded sufficiently in consciousness to a broad place, there will be no negative experiences to try to claim your good. After this third well named “Rehoboth” was dug, Isaac exclaimed, “For now Jehovah hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” (Genesis 26:22). It is in such a broad place in consciousness that you demonstrate vast benefits as never before!

After you have been tested and have reacted with nonresistance, then comes fulfillment. If you have been seeking fulfillment and it has not come, do not give up hope. It is because you are still on your way into that bigger place in consciousness. When you are nonresistant and divinely indifferent to the Philistines – when you do not make a fuss about what they seem to take from you for a time – they have no permanent power over you. They finally depart in peace and you demonstrate your “well of fulfillment.”

When your good is withheld from you, instead of fighting, arguing, or trying to reason with anyone to make it come to pass, just picture the desired results. As Jacob proved, you can image your good and bring it through rather than trying to reason it through or force it through. You can hasten your good through picturing it!

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At every forward step in man’s evolution, he gives up present ideas and possessions, so that he may receive greater ones. First, Jacob had released his uncle, as a channel of his supply. Then he even dared to send his family and possessions on ahead. He released everything.

When major changes come, you may have to release everything connected with a past cycle: Income, possessions, people. This act of release frees you to receive your expanded good in new situations.

Jacob’s wrestling with the angel symbolized his own doubts and fears; he was wrestling with his Higher Self as he released all he had attained. Such an inner struggle was natural. The person who desires to have his good expanded is often disciplined in this way. As he gains his emotional perspective, the discipline from it opens the way to his expanded good.

Your growth and expansion come in phases of normality. First you gain knowledge of the creative power of thought and begin to use it mentally. Then human relations problems often arise so that you may prove it in the heart, emotionally. Indeed, there is no balance in your consciousness until love and wisdom are united in you, and reflected in your life. The sages of old used to teach their students to declare often, “LET LOVE AND WISDOM BE UNITED IN ME.”

If you have been mentally fighting something in your life, rest your overworked mind Think, instead, in terms of love and peace. As you practice doing this daily, the results will amaze you!


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