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The Millionaire Joshua

line The Millionaire Joshua

Picking up where Millionaire Moses leaves off, this book guides you seamlessly through Joshua’s bondage, his wilderness wanderings and his entry into the promised land where he became a millionaire. Discover how you can too.




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The Millionaire Joshua Review:

When Moses sent scouts ahead to scope out the Promised Land, only two of those who ventured forth came back with positive reports, holding a positive focus on what the unknown held for those who had embarked on the Exodus. One of these was Joshua. It’s said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Moses was Joshua’s prosperity teacher, and Joshua dedicated many years to being Moses’ servant. It was Moses who led the former slaves to the Promised Land, but it was Joshua who helped them enter into it and overcome all obstacles they encountered there.

The difference between The Millionaire Moses and The Millionaire Joshua is like the difference between a law school education and an internship at a law firm. The first gives you the knowledge of the laws; the second instills a love for the laws and their use.

As Catherine Ponder pointed out toward the end of The Millionaire Moses: “Metaphysically, Moses symbolizes knowledge of the laws of success and prosperity, whereas Joshua symbolizes love of those laws and their use. Like Moses, we can claim freedom from a great deal of bondage in our lives through gaining a knowledge of the laws of prosperity and success. That knowledge can lead us out of bondage and to the very edge of our Promised Land. But it takes Joshua’s love of the laws of prosperity and success, and his fearless use of them, to carry us forward in making our Master Demonstration of getting into and staying in our Promised Land of unlimited good.”

As is often the case, the student surpasses the teacher. The Millionaire Joshua is a more advanced book. By saying that, though, I don’t recommend that you skip over The Millionaire Moses, or you’ll miss a great deal of the foundation that gets laid for being able to move to a place where your good is becoming manifest in a visible form.

We are often adept at manifesting what we desire. Where we usually fall short is in either claiming our good or being open to receive it! This book will help you burst through those challenging areas with ease and grace.

The book opens with Joshua’s life story. The remaining chapters are all step-by-step guides for putting his success strategies to work in your life.

Ponder does a remarkable job of putting into everyday terms why we have a challenge mentally accepting our good and how to overcome that challenge. She also outlines the Law of Attraction in a way you’re going to truly resonate with. Before there was Abraham Hicks….there was Catherine Ponder. How to meet an impossible situation successfully is covered in depth, as is what to do if your prosperity is withheld or when you make a mistake. This book wraps up with a wonderful expanded look at the Prosperity Law of Change which Ponder briefly touched on in The Millionaire Moses.

This book includes such powerful teachings as:

  • How to harness the full power of I AM
  • How to develop a true inner, metaphysical consciousness of prosperity
  • What Joshua’s loyalty to Moses’ teachings can mean to you if you do the same
  • The complete outline of the formula used to invoke the Prosperity Law of Mental Acceptance
  • How the Law of Attraction REALLY works
  • How to prosper using the atomic power of your words
  • The quick and easy way to remove a curse from your problems or life
  • The immediate action to take anytime you feel your good is being withheld or taken from you


Excerpts from The Millionaire Joshua:

I can certainly identify with Joshua, who went from slave to millionaire, and you probably can, too. He was born into Egyptian bondage where he experienced limitations of every kind. While still a slave in Egypt, Joshua learned about the power of thought. This gave him hope for a better way of life. Later, while in the wilderness, he learned and absorbed much from the masterful Moses, one of the Bible’s earlier millionaires.

After being freed from Egyptian bondage and escaping to the wilderness, Joshua acted as a spy in the Promised Land. There he surveyed its vast wealth and unlimited potential. Yet he had to wait another forty years in the wilderness of Paran before being allowed to permanently enter the Promised Land.

Joshua made this frustrating period of waiting a time of learning, planning and preparing. Then when the opportunity came, he was ready to go in, claim the Promised Land for his followers, and settle there.

It is an exciting story, and one that is symbolic of the vast good that can await you in your own life, as you follow through on Joshua’s success secrets that are explained in this book.

Psychologists say that when you think you have been rejected, you are in for a shock! Your good never rejects you. Instead, you subconsciously reject it.

Release of past limitations is often uncomfortable. Can you do it? Are you so attached to old patterns of living that you cannot get along without them? Are you emotionally attached to a belief in lack and illness as a necessary part of your life? Do you gain satisfaction from pitying yourself if you have financial or health problems?

If you want to be healed, you must be willing to give up the sympathy and attention that come from being sick.

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Stop saying that you have had a hard time in life. Who hasn’t – in one way or another? Stop talking about unhappy experiences. Cease trying to get sympathy. To continue doing so keeps you emotionally attached to hard experiences. As you continue to feed them emotionally, you keep them alive. There is no room in your thoughts and feelings for better experiences. Let go, release, loose, forgive, give up the past.

When you have reached the point where you take only the good from each experience and let the rest go, your progress into a happy life will be swift and certain! Begin to mentally accept this by declaring: “I take only the good from each experience. I let the rest go and my progress is swift, happy and certain.”

[Other people’s] doubts did not stop Joshua from continuing to dwell upon the Promised Land. Legend has it that Joshua would often go to the top of a high hill in the wilderness that overlooked the Promised Land and study how to enter it. He even worked out a master plan for success by which he could take the Hebrews into the Land of Canaan in just three short days. And his master plan worked! At the right time, he did so, even though they had viewed it from afar for forty years and had considered its capture an impossible task.

The Promised Land symbolizes the unlimited good which a rich, loving Father has for each person. This includes the unlimited abundance that He has for you! The Promised Land also symbolizes the unlimited good which every normal person desires. That good may not be spectacular. It may consist of the simple blessings of life: increased health, peace of mind, more harmonious relationships, financial security, more love, or a deeper understanding of the inner world of mind and spirit. The milk and honey that had been promised the Hebrews in the Land of Canaan are symbolic of peace, prosperity and spirituality. One’s Promised Land might consist of a desire for something specific, even spectacular, too.

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I served a small ministry comprised of sincere people, but it did not grow or prosper for several years. It was during this apparently nonproductive period that I had to make the decision that I loved the inner laws of success so much that I would continue researching them and using them anyway – whether they seemed to “work” for me or  not. That decision gave me a sense of peace and release, so that I relaxed and no longer strained to get results.

During that quiet period of almost a decade, I researched and wrote a number of books that became and are still popular best sellers, available now in paperback editions.

Toward the end of that ten-year period, I moved on and established a much larger ministry elsewhere. I was soon able to enjoy my first home. Later, I made the long-desired move to Southern California, where my world has continued to expand and be enriched, both professionally and personally.

Joshua may have learned about the “no” power of the mind while attending Moses’ secret school of wisdom in the wilderness. That there is dissolving power in the word “no” was one of the great secret teachings of the past. Ancient philosophers taught that man could dissolve his hardest experiences or conditions by saying “no” to them.

What you keep quiet about, you are also saying “no” to. Students of the mind have often spoken forth affirmative words describing their good, yet did not manifest that good because they kept talking about their problems. They scared away the good they were affirming with their negative conversations as they kept criticizing and condemning.

If you have not experienced the blessings you feel you should have in your life, check your words. What have you been saying about yourself, other people, and the world in general? Your negative conversations may have scared away your good.

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When you feel defenseless, do not rush about trying to meet the situation head on with some outer action. Become quiet, and work inwardly to attain an uplifted state of mind. Then observe circumcision by using your “no” power of the mind to cut off fear. When you no longer feel fearful, you are well on the way to achieving successful results in what you had thought was an “impossible” situation.

You can cut off fear with these thoughts: “Nothing is impossible with God, so I do not accept this as an ‘impossible’ situation. With God’s help, the impossible now comes to pass in this situation.”

When you work out an impossible situation from within, it may look for a time as though you are doing nothing. Your way of meeting a problem may appear strange to other people, but you should not let that bother you. Human opinion has no power for overcoming ‘impossible’ situations, and should be ignored.

The average person utterly discounts the fantastic power of his words. Yet he is reaping the results of them in his life every day. The Hebrews proved that when you speak forth good words, you set up an atomic vibration that will crumble a false situation, causing it to dissipate completely. Too many people are still inclined to read about the power of words, yet do not bother to speak good words into expression on a regular, daily basis. By not doing so, they rob themselves of the bountiful benefits that could be theirs.

This is a giving universe, as evidenced by the ebb and flow of the tides, the seasons off the year, night following day, and the profuse abundance of Mother Nature You cannot cheat this basic law of giving and receiving, which functions quietly throughout the universe. It works regardless of your misworking it. You can only cheat yourself out of much health, wealth and happiness if you foolishly try to bypass it.

The people in Joshua’s camp witnessed a universal truth: You cannot cheat God without cheating yourself. When you withhold from God’s treasury, you kill your own good.

To make matters even worse, when you withhold you have to give anyway – but to the negative experiences of life. Because this is a giving universe, you usually have to give many times the amount of your tithes for illness, accidents, family problems, financial and tax problems, loss, fire, theft, legal entanglements, and a thousand and one other ills.

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If your income has been limited, you may have felt that you could not afford to give. However, this is the very time when you could not afford not to give God his tenth. The fact that you are in financial difficulties shows that you are bound by small, anxious thoughts which are closing off the channels to increased abundance.

Tithing helps you to loosen up so that you can receive. Many people hold themselves in financial bondage because they have not been able to loosen up. To tithe is to let go. To let go is to open up. To open up is to receive.

If you face difficulties of any sort and feel that if you had done differently it would now be well with you, then remind yourself that Universal Intelligence never makes mistakes. If an ever-present Universal Intelligence within and around you never makes mistakes, then no mistakes have been made!

To realize that there are no mistakes – only experiences that were misunderstood – restores all things to their divine order. The tendency of the universe is toward perfection. Everything is striving to perfect itself. God’s universal good for you extend into every department of your life – even into apparent mistakes! To help you claim such universal goodness declare, “My good was all-powerful in that experience. My good still appears from that experience.”

In the very beginning you were created in the image and likeness of God and given dominion over everything in the universe, including time. This means that there is no time on the spiritual plane, so you have time for everything – everything important. But you must claim it.

If you do not seem to have time for everything, then like Joshua, you can take control of the elements by telling the sun and moon to stand still. How? By decreeing, “I have time for everything that is important and necessary to the divine plan of my life. This is a time of divine completion now.”

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The soul demands change for its expansion. In the midst of change, the creation of new good takes place. The death of the old is but the birth of the new.

You should never become bound to former ideas, relationships, or environments. As you expand your thinking, some old relationships and ways of living will probably drop away from you, but only to be replaced by new, more understanding ones.

You should not allow yourself to become so fixed to certain ways of living that you cannot be happy when those ways change, as they surely will.

Remind yourself often that all things work together for good, even amid changes. If the caterpillar could refuse to change, it would miss becoming a butterfly. The person who tries to avoid change often stagnates into experiences of loss, lack and failure. Change cannot be by-passed. It can only be temporarily avoided.

A mystical statement that has meant much to me over the years is this: “When the soul is ready for the next step in its upward growth, a great change takes place.”


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