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Giving Thanks

line Giving Thanks

The only book Catherine Ponder has ever written a foreword to, by a living author.

Demystifies the truth about tithing and how to overcome fears and obstacles that keep you from claiming all the good the Universe has for you.

If you’re truly ready to embrace all the good in your life, it’s time to change the way you think about tithing…

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Every now and then, I run into someone who tries to convince me that tithing doesn’t work. They may believe the tithe is a scam to prosper spiritual leaders, and doesn’t prosper the person who tithes. Or they may have given 10% of their income away for years and found their life has always been a struggle.

As we talk about tithing, several things almost always come up.

  • They tithed out of habit, duty or obligation, rather than as a way to give thanks for what they had already received.
  • They tithed to needy places (a form of charity), and then turned down the good that came to them because they viewed gifts from others as charity (and they didn’t want to be seen as needy).
  • They tithed with an attitude of fearfulness, rather than an attitude of joyfulness.

Let’s face it, we are all afraid of “not having enough” at some point in our lives. We worry that if we tithe, we might not have what we need when the time comes, right?

To me, tithing should be the most joyful, fun thing you do in your life. Tithing should never be scary, or intimidating, and tithing certainly shouldn’t impoverish you in order to prosper others.




Tithing has again become fun

“Tithing has again become so much fun and pleasure. And it keeps me focused on the abundance and prosperity — not on the lack!”
– Jane V., Arizona


Learning the true meaning of prosperity

“Thank you so much for holding the high watch for all of us on prosperity issues and generally for our highest good. I almost got to the point of wanting to give up on tithing this fall. I felt I was back in the same rut. I did not feel like it was working for me. But as I made my commitment to continue, I received another huge gift to help me support my son in college. And recently I received another gift from a totally different channel. So I am sending you this tithe in appreciation of you enduring guidance for all who have been learning the meaning of prosperity through your newsletters and workshops.”
– Susan P., Maryland


More peace and joy

“Enclosed is a small token of appreciation for the inspiration and encouragement that your writing has given me. Last month was the best month financially that I’ve had for a very long time. I also feel more at peace and filled with joy.”
– Steve R., New York


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