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Dynamic Laws of Prayer


The right use of prayer as a prosperity tool that creates greater good in all areas of your life is brilliantly outlined.

I’m a bit biased when it comes to the Dynamic Laws of Prayer, because to me constructive prayer is THE prosperity secret of the ages. The challenge is in how most people approach prayer when they’re looking to manifest something in their lives. That’s where this book trumps all the others. If you’re feeling in any way, shape or form that your prayers aren’t being answered, then reading this book is mandatory.

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This book makes the prayer process a no-brainer. Ponder gives you straightforward results-getting prayers to use to get started. Think of it as the ultimate crib-sheet containing all the information you need to become a genius pray-er. It truly teaches you how to effectively pray.

You’ll quickly find yourself filling the margins with your own version of the prayers she includes. How any one book can be so practical and powerful at the same time, continually boggles my mind.

Ponder answers questions we all have about prayer in ways that are easy to digest, and then she pulls no punches when she outlines the ways we get in the way of our answered prayers, through our bitterness and unforgiveness. Somehow with her Southern charm, even when she’s pointing out our sabotaging behavior, she does it with an ease and grace that empowers you to want to change your behavior, your beliefs and your mind right then and there.





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