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Dynamic Laws of Healing

line Dynamic Laws of Healing


An in-depth exploration of the healing laws including how to use affirmations, denials, release, forgiveness, love, imaging and giving to speed up chemicalization and healing in your life.




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The Dynamic Laws of Healing Review

Most people think of Catherine Ponder as someone who only focuses on prosperity in financial form. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, her widespread acclaim as a prosperity guru stems from the incredible financial results people have seen in their lives, in addition to the increased fulfillment in their relationships, peace of mind and levels of health and vitality.

In 1966, Ponder set out to write a series of books directed specifically toward increased health, vitality and energy. This is the first (The Healing Secrets of the Ages followed in 1967) and it lays the foundation for how you can tap that same divine energy that Jesus tapped, to heal any real or perceived illness in your life.

I’ve personally used these healing laws to immediately heal everything from a burned hand to a cracked vertebra. I’ve shortened the severity or eliminated altogether a variety of other ailments including a simple head cold, pneumonia, a severely thrown-out back, a sprained ankle, asthma and cancer. I am walking, talking evidence that you can heal yourself through the use of these healing laws.

The thing I love most about The Dynamic Laws of Healing is how Ponder hits the ground running with the assertion right up front that YOU are a healer. You have the power within you to heal yourself and those around you. Yet at the same time, she’s quick to point out that the inner and outer healing opportunities available to us should be used to their full capacity. My personal philosophy is right along with this one. God often uses doctors, surgery and medication to do the healing work, just as Jesus would have someone go put mud on his eyes – an outer treatment sometimes works in tandem with the inner treatment.

You have to be truly “sick and tired” of being sick and tired to venture forth into this powerful book. I say that because Ponder pulls no punches in pointing out the mental cause of disease and how we self-inflict disease on ourselves. The good news is, once we recognize our role in creating the dis-ease in our lives, we’re empowered to take action to create health in our lives.

Ponder details how to use the laws of denial, release, affirmation, praise, love, imaging or picturing to generate healing energy in your life and in the lives of others. She also outlines how to tap into the miracle power of the name Jesus Christ (Christ Jesus) and I AM.

The book concludes with two of my favorite power pairs: the healing power of writing to your angel of health (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!) and the role of chemicalization in your healing process. So many people stop the healing process because the act of putting their healing energy into motion causes a worsening of outer symptoms. This causes people to immediately assume the dynamic laws of healing are NOT working. When it truth, the exact opposite is true. I had advance warning of this chemicalization process because my Chinese medicine doctor had told me everything that wanted to healed and released would come up and out. Ponder’s inclusion of a detailed around chemicalization and information on how to harness this process is an added bonus.

I encourage you to read this as a foundation AND get the Healing Secrets of the Ages companion book. Where this book is more of a textbook explanation of how the laws work, Healing Secrets of the Ages walks you through how to tap each of the 12 dynamic mind powers to activate and heal specific ailments and vital centers in your body. It’s like you’ve just drained the brains of the world’s ancient healers and put their information in two compact volumes of information on your bookshelf!

Excerpts from The Dynamic Laws of Healing:

The shocking truth about disease is that it is self-inflicted! You inflict disease upon yourself by your fears, resentments, hates, and beliefs in evil. The Hindu scriptures described it: “If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him.”

For instance, thoughts of fear release hormones into the bloodstream that can even paralyze the vital nerve centers of the body. Extreme fear actually cooks the corpuscles of the blood. Also, experiments have shown that telling a lie involves real work for the body. Your metabolism, pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiration speed up when you fib – and your eyes tend to get shifty. This is how false thinking affects the body!

Negative appearances in the body are built up and sustained by someone feeling badly about them. What you fear, you multiply. You build up and keep alive the diseased appearance by feeding it the substance of your negative thoughts. When the bad feeling is removed, the diseased appearance starves for lack of attention and nourishment. It has to fade away because it has nothing to sustain it.

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A secretary knew the power of saying “no” to conditions she did not wish to last. Upon learning she was to have her first baby, this young wife decided she wished to continue working as long as possible, and that ill health was not a necessary part of pregnancy.

When “morning sickness” began, she said to a fellow worker, “This is ridiculous. There is no reason for me to suffer. Having a baby is a normal process for the body. Tomorrow I shall remain at home and straighten out my thinking. I refuse to accept this “morning sickness” as necessary or lasting.

The next day she remained at home, using the healing power of denial. She mentally said “No,” to any suggestion of nausea and freed her mind of the belief that discomfort was a necessary part of pregnancy. The following day she returned to work and continued on the job until a few weeks before her baby was born. A healthy pregnancy and later, a healthy child, was the result.

It is easier to forgive those you are inclined to condemn, resent, even hate, when you remember this:

They have not really failed nor disappointed you. They have not ever let you down. They may have stumbled while crossing your pathway. But, in reality, they are sons of God who temporarily lost their way.

If they crossed your pathway, it was because they needed and wanted your blessing. They were unconsciously looking to you, to be steadied and set right. Your progress has not been hindered, no matter what they did. They cannot keep your good from you.

They crossed your path by divine appointment, even though they seemed to hurt you for a while. When people bother you in any way, it is because their souls are trying to get your divine attention and your blessing. Give them that, and they will no longer bother you, as they fade out of your life and find their good elsewhere. Meanwhile, divine restoration will occur in your own affairs.

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Most human relations problems would melt away if the people involved would practice the miracle of release, instead of trying to make other people over to conform to their will and their way.

Setting others free means setting yourself free! When you feel bound to other people, their attitudes, behavior, way of life, it is because you are (perhaps subconsciously) binding them to you. Then you begin to feel bound, chafing against the very bondage you have caused. Always you personally hold the key to your freedom. You turn the key to that freedom when you release the personality, the problem or the condition that you think is clutching you. You are the master, never the slave, of circumstances. You become victor instead of victim when you dare to speak the word of release to and for the person or thing you think is binding you.

Your body is very much like a recording machine, obediently receiving and faithfully indicating the thoughts that are persistently held in it. The body is made up of thoughts and is subject to those thoughts, continually feeding on and expressing the mental food you furnish it.

The nerves are the wires that transmit the mind’s message to all parts of the body. Since all parts of the body contain brain cells, they carry out the words that have been spoken to them. Talking about nervousness and weakness will produce those corresponding conditions in the body. Talking about a weak stomach will make your stomach weak. Talking about a bad liver will fix that idea in your liver.

The usual conversations among people create ill health instead of good health because of wrong words.

When a word is spoken, a chemical change takes place in the body. Because of this, the body may be renewed, even transformed, through the spoken word.

As you affirm words of life, health, strength, you are saying “yes” to good health, even in the face of illness. Your spoken words are then recorded in your body and health begins to manifest. The great healers of old found that the practice of deliberately speaking constructive words guided them most quickly into the secret of healing.

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If you wait to be healed before you express thanksgiving, you may wait indefinitely! One of the greatest secrets of healing is to praise and give thanks for it, right in the face of illness, before there is anything to give thanks for!

The reason praise is so powerful for healing is this: What you praise you increase. Praise liberates and releases the life force that is pent up in the atoms of your body.

Words that express gratitude, praise and thanksgiving release certain potent energies of mind and body that are not otherwise tapped. Praise also liberates the finer essences of the soul that are necessary for a complete healing. Through praise and thanksgiving, you activate the dynamic powers of the subconscious and superconscious phases of your being, which act speedily for your improved health.

You can praise yourself from weakness to strength, from ignorance to intelligence, from poverty to affluence, from sickness to health.

Take the name “Jesus Christ” and affirm it often. There is surely power in it that opens ways to your good which the finite mind never dreamed of.

When you repeat this Name often, you come into possession of whatever knowledge or power you need to meet any given situation victoriously. As you dwell upon the name “Jesus Christ*,” you will find yourself knowing all you need to know, as you need to know it. New life and energy will come alive in your body. New peace and harmony will come alive in your affairs. New substance will come alive in your financial matters. Indeed, your mind will be renewed, and your body and affairs transformed. Old things will pass away. New good will come so that it may even seem you have been reborn.

“I AM” was the Hebrews’ name for God, for good, and they became known as “People of the I AM.” This occult term, “I AM,” has often been described as the “song of Moses,” because it was his secret text for success. It can be yours.

There are strange powers lying dormant within that name. All that you dream of as desirable can be released through the redeeming words, “I AM,” because these words stir up the divine nature within you. “I AM” is the name of God within you. Jesus made reference to it as the kingdom of God within man (Luke 17:21). To meditate consistently on the statement, “I AM THE LIGHT OF MY WORLD,” can flood your whole being with light and drive out all darkness. Scientists tell us that at the center of every cell and atom of the body is light. When that light is recognized and turned on by the mind of man, the dark appearance of disease, depression, confusion and inharmony flee.

[*Editors’ note: Use whatever name of the divine resonates with you. Great Spirit, Yahweh, Allah, Christ Mind, Goddess, Goodness, Divine Love, Universe, Infinite Supply. You will invoke the same energy released in using “Jesus Christ” or “I AM”. Many paths, many names, one God.]

If your imagination is picturing health, it is possible for that health to manifest in your body, regardless of diagnosis to the contrary or a previous history of ill health. Knowing this, you should deliberately picture yourself as whole and well. The reasoning power of your will may insist that you cannot be healed, but pay it no attention. If you will dare to picture health consistently anyway, then your imagination is free to work for you to produce that health. Whatever the mind pictures and expects, that it will also build and produce for you!

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Does everyone chemicalize? Usually to some degree, as thought patterns change and improve. Just as Jesus had to go through the crucifixion (which symbolizes chemicalization and a crossing out of negation) before he could experience the resurrection, so must we. Strong-willed, aggressive persons of much personality, deep prejudices, and emphatic opinions usually chemicalize much more than persons of milder, more non-resistant, adaptable attitudes toward life.

When this “stirring up” process begins, do not panic. Just rejoice and give thanks that a deep cleansing is taking place which is the first step toward greater good. Meet it peacefully and non-resistantly, saying to yourself, “None of these things move me,” and “This too, shall pass,” as you continue to study and affirm the good. In this way you become the victor, rather than the victim, of chemicalization.


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