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We see the inspiration and hope you’ve found in the pages of this website launching you into a whole new phase in your life. We see you taking the excerpts from our books and the stories others have shared about their experiences with these Truth teachings and using them as fuel for your freedom and passions in life. As you incorporate these teachings into your lives, and experience transformation, and you want to share your story with us so we can share your success, write to us using the Contact Form below.

While Catherine no longer does private sessions, I, Paula, do. I am always ready to hold an intention for you in prayer and offer up an affirmation for you. Just send me a note using the form below and ask for what you desire! Then open to receive!

Should you find that you’d like some personal assistance creating a quick and lasting shift in your prosperity consciousness, consider an individual session with me. You can write me here to talk about what’s going on so we can determine whether or how I may be of service to you. Or you can schedule a session directly by visiting:

I wish you peace and prosperity on your journey,

Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan

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Through the generous outpouring of their tithes and offerings over the years, the readers of Catherine Ponder’s books have helped her to financially establish three new churches – the most recent being a global ministry, the nondenominational Unity Church Worldwide, with headquarters in Palm Desert, CA. Likewise, the readers of Paula Langguth’s Ryan’s books and online publications and audios have helped her to financially establish two new churches – the most recent being a global ministry, the nondenominational The Village Gathering with business headquarters in Cocoa, FL. We both thank you for your help in the past and for all that you continue to share.

We invite you to share your tithes with the churches, temples, mosques and other spiritual organizations or individuals of your choice – especially those where the truths shared on this website and in these books are taught. Such churches and organizations include those of denominations such as the Conference on Practical Christianity, the Miracle Distribution Center, Unity, Divine Science, Religious Science, Science of Mind and other related spiritual centers, many of which are members of The International New Thought Movement (For a list of such churches, write to The International New Thought Alliance, 5003 E. Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ 85206). Your support of such churches and ministers can help spread the prosperous Truth that our population seeks in this New Age of transformation.

For your convenience, if you wish to share a tithe or offering online, your tax-deductible donation can be sent directly to The Village Gathering through Paypal. Non-deductible donations can be sent online through our secure shopping cart. Both can be reached by visiting this page on our website:

You can mail tax-deductible donations to:

The Village Gathering (please make checks payable to The Village Gathering)
1121 Annapolis Road, Suite 120
Odenton, MD 21113

As Catherine Ponder would say, “Richest Blessings to you as you step into your greatness!”

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan