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When I first discovered Catherine Ponder’s work it was by “accident.” I was dodging a rainstorm in Manhattan and ducked into a bookstore a few blocks from home, called Samuel Weiser’s metaphysical bookstore. Being a good Midwestern girl, when the rain started letting up, I reasoned it would be rude to leave without buying something. My eyes lit on a book called Prosperity Secrets of The Ages. I thought it was a “get-rich-quick” book and carried it home. When I discovered the book was filled with Biblical references, I quickly shelved it. Yet it moved with me repeatedly, always unread.

Years later, when I couldn’t sleep due to stress at work, I was looking for a book to “put me to sleep.” My eyes spied Prosperity Secrets of the Ages and I thought “THAT will do the trick!” Three hours later, when my alarm went off, I was still reading. I affirmed “I am prosperous, I am prosperous, I am prosperous!” during my entire 90 minute drive to work. The rest is history.

Rev. Catherine Ponder is a “Valentine’s Day” baby, born in 1927. Having first been a business woman, she followed a calling to become a Unity Minister in 1956 and offered her first prosperity class during the recession of 1958. From that class came her first book, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. She’s the author of a total of 16 books (many updated in the 1980s and all now published by DeVorss), including her revolutionary “Millionaires” series. Her memoir, From Rags to Enrichment: A Prosperity Love Story details her life’s struggles and successes. She wrote the Foreword to an anniversary edition of Ernest Holmes’ classic Science of Mind, and the Foreword for Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Contemporary Prosperity Advisor Paula Langguth Ryan (the first and only time she’s done so for a living author!)

Ponder is one of the world’s foremost inspirational authors and has been described as “the Norman Vincent Peale among lady ministers.” She’s founded three ministries (Austin, San Antonio, and Palm Desert, CA). Unexpectedly widowed at an early age with a young son, she studied and applied prosperity principles in her own life. Throughout the years, she continued to experience dramatic expansions in her consciousness which were reflected in her outer life as well.

While she no longer accepts most speaking engagements and doesn’t do personal sessions, Catherine Ponder continues to be a huge influence on the world and her books have been published in a variety of languages. Several of her books have been included in various lists of “must read” personal empowerment and motivation books, including The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (50 Success Classics) and Open Your Mind to Prosperity (50 Prosperity Classics), both compiled by Tom Butler Bowdon.

Catherine Ponder and I have been pen pals since 2003 when I first wrote and asked if she would contribute a Foreword to Giving Thanks. She wrote and said she receives hundreds of requests every year from authors, and felt that the world needed this book, and so she was sending the Foreword on to my publishers. We’ve been pen pals ever since.

When Catherine’s memoir was published and was being given away at a prosperity luncheon at a Unity Church Annual Conference in Kansas City, a copy of Giving Thanks was also at each place setting. And when Catherine was scheduled to give a keynote speech at an INTA (International New Thought Alliance) Annual Congress in Scottsdale, AZ, I was right there in the audience. Catherine had an accident and broke her collar bone. She was set to travel, but her doctor grounded her. Her dear friend Anne Kunath came and delivered her speech for her, stopping every few sentences to interject a personal story, always with the same caveat “Catherine would KILL me if she knew I was telling you this!” It was completely delightful.

As much fun as we’ve had corresponding over the years, we have yet to meet in person. The rare times I’ve been in her area have been “off season” and as Catherine was quick to point out with her wonderful wit, “all the good restaurants are closed!”

I expect we will run into each other at the 100th INTA Congress in 2015! Until then, we’ll just keep being pen pals. After all, as Catherine Ponder herself has always shown, there is so much power in the written word!

[For more information about how Catherine Ponder’s work led to the creation of this website, and to learn more about the International New Thought Alliance, visit the About page on this website].


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