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Book Title Synopsis
Dare to Prosper A thin and powerful book that double dog dares you to avoid claiming your true abundant heritage.
Dynamic Laws of Healing An in-depth exploration of the healing laws including how to use affirmations, denials, release, forgiveness, love, imaging and giving to speed up chemicalization and healing in your life.
Dynamic Laws of Prayer The right use of prayer as a prosperity tool that creates greater good in all areas of your life is brilliantly outlined.
Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Catherine Ponder’s first book – an intimate primer on how to start using the divine laws of prosperity to transform your mind and your world.
Dynamic Laws of Prosperity CD The lectures that started the movement – all captured on CDs. A unique opportunity to receive these prosperity teachings from the master herself.
From Rags to Riches Catherine Ponder’s beautiful prosperity love story outlining how she went being a negative nellie widowed single mother, living in a single room to having a lifestyle of the rich and famous.
Giving Thanks The only book Catherine Ponder has ever written a foreword to, by a living author. Demystifies the truth about tithing and how to overcome fears and obstacles that keep you from claiming all the good the Universe has for you.
Healing Secrets of the Ages This is a hands-on blue print on how to use the 12 healing powers that are innate within each of us. Complete with hand drawn illustrations to help guide you in pinpointing the areas that empower you to heal yourself and others.
Millionaire from Nazareth A beautiful explanation of Jesus’ teachings and the overflowing prosperity lessons they contain for you.
Millionaire Joshua Picking up where Millionaire Moses leaves off, this book guides you seamlessly through Joshua’s bondage, his wilderness wanderings and his entry into the promised land where he became a millionaire. Discover how you can too.
Millionaire Moses Amazing journey through the manifesting mind and actions of Moses, including how to claim your manna or “daily bread” and a detailed look at the prospering power of the 10 Commandments.
Millionaires of Genesis Moving through all the great leaders whose stories are told in Genesis, this book demonstrates all the different mindsets that lead to lasting prosperity and abundance.
Open Your Mind to Prosperity This book demonstrates how to open up to being a full channel of your abundance using mental changes, which soon transform into outer transformation.
Open Your Mind to Receive Becoming open to your abundance is an important step to claiming your good. Overcoming resistance to receiving, however, is equally essential. This book guides you in becoming more willing to receive.
Prospering Power of Love This slim volume contains the greatest secrets of all as you advance into fully embracing the truth of your abundant nature.
The Prospering Power of Prayer You can kick start your prayers into high gear with this book; dynamite truly comes in small packages.
Prosperity Secrets of the Ages My personal favorite, this was my introduction to Catherine Ponder’s work. Her follow-up to Dynamic Secrets of Prosperity, this book is a wonderful summary to get you started on your new abundant life!
Secrets of Unlimited Prosperity A small yet powerful book succinctly sums up how to open, receive, attract and accept your good starting now.