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Open Your Mind to Prosperity

Open Your Mind to Prosperity

This book demonstrates how to open up to being a full channel of your abundance using mental changes, which soon transform into outer transformation.

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This book was originally written in 1971 as a sequel to The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Open Your Mind to Prosperity is a concise primer to remind you of the basic and advanced methods for demonstrating prosperity.

Once you’ve fully embraced and incorporated the prosperity principles into your life, I recommend getting a copy of this book and keeping it with you at all times, just as you would a bandage or aspirin. That way, if you ever find any feeling of lack or limitation creeping up on you, you can nip it in the bud quickly, by activating whichever prosperity principle resonates most with you in that moment.

This book is a pocket roadmap to peace and contentment in every area of your life. You can easily manifest what you desire, release your attachment to the form and stay centered on your own spiritual enrichment simply by reading a page or two of this book every day. This book contains the entire formula you need to create permanent prosperity.

I’ve always been a big fan of Anne Frank’s book, The Diary of Anne Frank, because of her unfailing belief in the goodness of people. Open Your Mind to Prosperity gives me that same warm feeling – because of Catherine Ponder’s unfailing belief in the goodness of ourselves. A better transformational pick-me-up I’ve yet to find!



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Millionaires of Genesis

Millionaires of Genesis

Moving through all the great leaders whose stories are told in Genesis, this book demonstrates all the different mindsets that lead to lasting prosperity and abundance.



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The Millionaires of Genesis Review

What’s refreshing about The Millionaires of Genesis is how Catherine Ponder exposes the secret-success-symbology of the ancient Egyptians as being the same metaphysical mysticism of the Bible. The nine millionaires Ponder explores range from Adam (the first millionaire) to Ruth. This book shares the stories of how these nine historical figures moved through their lives, overcame obstacles and achieved fulfillment. Abraham, Melchizedek, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob (he gets 3 chapters!), Joseph (the first Billionaire – move over Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!) are also included.

Ponder demonstrates how each millionaire of Genesis embodied some attribute that we see today in ourselves as we move toward a higher prosperity consciousness. Jacob, for example, is shown to be a slow learner, who started out thinking he had to force his good and eventually moved into the realization that he could use his mind powers constructively to create his good.

Readers who like The Millionaire Mind and the Law of Attraction will especially enjoy Ponder’s take on these processes which she was teaching decades before those movements came into modern form. This book is incredibly powerful and it’s important to pay attention as you do the work outlined in this book. Once you begin connecting to the spiritual side of manifesting what you desire, your ego may become frightened at the power you’ve unleashed and that fear may cause you to stop. Don’t. Keep moving forward and keep creating the life you want.

Many people think that “hard work” is the key to them attaining what they want. Catherine explains how to evolve out of this Adam consciousness and into a world of increasing abundance, harnessing divine ideas that come to you, and reveling in your ability to produce what you desire, sometimes even seemingly out of thin air. She outlines how to recognize divine substance as the one and only reality in your life and the one and only source of your wealth.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the Success Symbology of the Twelve Tribes of Ishmael. This section pretty much hands you a blueprint for how to not only survive – but actually thrive – when you’re wandering through your own wilderness experiences.

This book also contains step-by-step instructions on how Jacob created his Success Covenant with God and how you can do the same. It’s like a contract with God or an expectancy map detailing what you’re expecting and what you’re willing to give in return for your good even before it arrives. And then she brings it all together in her explanation of Joseph’s amazing ability to become the first known billionaire. He practiced the prospering powers of release, non-resistance, forgiveness, affirmation, picturing, recognition of God as the Source of his supply, and tithing. Ponder walks you through each process and demonstrates, with a myriad of examples, how others have successfully used these principles to attract and permanently receive the good they desired. Discover for yourself how to manifest invisible substance into lavish, visible abundance. “Joseph proved that the longer your good is in coming, the bigger it will be when it comes, if you persist in expecting it, and in preparing to receive it.”

Other lessons learned from The Millionaires of Genesis, which are covered eloquently by Ponder in this book, include:

  • Developing a creative consciousness of prosperity by releasing limiting ideas of our good coming from certain places, people or things.
  • How to use forgiveness to create an inner vacuum for drawing your good to you.
  • How to picture your way out of financial limitations even if you’re not a good visualizer.
  • How to create sustainable prosperity through the combined use of mental and heart laws.
  • How to open to receive the wealth of the universe.
  • The completely reversible ways we stop our good from coming to us.
  • The proven scientific and orderly strategy of giving that creates permanent prosperity in your life.
  • The secret trick to help you overcome the desire to manipulate events in order to force your prosperity.
  • How to release past restrictive influences in order to grow, expand and develop into the life you’re ready for and that is right for you.
  • The secret method used by Isaac that can increase your income by 100-fold in just one year.
  • How to create a magnetic vacuum in your life using the power of nonresistance – and irresistibly draw your good to yourself.
  • The prospering protection hidden in the act of giving.

Excerpts From Millionaires of Genesis:

“I have figured out an easy way to become a millionaire. Please pray that one million people will send me one dollar each,” someone wrote.

People often think as did this person: That wealth can come to them only when other people and conditions respond to them. However, the secret of wealth is that it begins within your own thoughts and feelings. Through the deliberate action of your mind, you can develop a millionaire consciousness that will lead you to literal wealth as well as to increased abundance in all phases of your life.

It is appropriate that the millionaires of Genesis show you how this can be done because the world “genesis” means “to begin,” “to initiate action,” “to take the first step” or “to get something going.”

An expanded prosperity consciousness is a necessity in this age of increasing economic demands. Rising prices, “inflationary recessions,” and uncertain political and economic world conditions are all indications that we must raise and expand our consciousness to a new level of universal supply. The ancient millionaires in this book show you how to do so.

Eve, like Adam, was surrounded by the rich substance of the universe, out of which all wealth is formed. But Eve seemed unaware that she was in the midst of so much abundance, and lamented the feeling of lack. The result was that she was cast out of Eden. One must gain an inner feeling of abundance before they can experience outer wealth permanently.

You soon discover that if you do not give voluntarily to the constructive experiences of life, you will find yourself giving involuntarily to the destructive experiences of life – but give you must. It is the law of the universe.

Several friends were working together on a special project that lasted a week. Every night after work on this project, they would go out together to eat. Three of these people took turns paying for the evening meals. The fourth one did not offer to pay for anything.

After concluding this special work project, on their last night together, they decided to dine out in special celebration. Again, the fourth member of the group paid for nothing, though she enjoyed a lavish meal in beautiful surroundings. On the way home that night, she discovered that she had lost about $50 in cash. Some prized jewelry she had been wearing was also missing. She quickly proved the law: Hold back and it will be withheld, even taken, from you.

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When you are digging inwardly and outwardly for your good, perhaps you will get results. Yet the Philistines of limitation may appear in some form and demand the good you have realized. Like Isaac, you can know that you still have more wells to dig!

You should continue to dig deeper in consciousness because you are not yet in your true place – that big place in your growth where your full-blown good awaits you. Like Isaac, if you refuse to fight back – if you refuse to say “My good has been taken from me” or “My good has been withheld from me” – then you will expand into that place which Isaac called “Rehoboth.” It will be your place of enlargement, and of greater expression.

When you have expanded sufficiently in consciousness to a broad place, there will be no negative experiences to try to claim your good. After this third well named “Rehoboth” was dug, Isaac exclaimed, “For now Jehovah hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.” (Genesis 26:22). It is in such a broad place in consciousness that you demonstrate vast benefits as never before!

After you have been tested and have reacted with nonresistance, then comes fulfillment. If you have been seeking fulfillment and it has not come, do not give up hope. It is because you are still on your way into that bigger place in consciousness. When you are nonresistant and divinely indifferent to the Philistines – when you do not make a fuss about what they seem to take from you for a time – they have no permanent power over you. They finally depart in peace and you demonstrate your “well of fulfillment.”

When your good is withheld from you, instead of fighting, arguing, or trying to reason with anyone to make it come to pass, just picture the desired results. As Jacob proved, you can image your good and bring it through rather than trying to reason it through or force it through. You can hasten your good through picturing it!

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At every forward step in man’s evolution, he gives up present ideas and possessions, so that he may receive greater ones. First, Jacob had released his uncle, as a channel of his supply. Then he even dared to send his family and possessions on ahead. He released everything.

When major changes come, you may have to release everything connected with a past cycle: Income, possessions, people. This act of release frees you to receive your expanded good in new situations.

Jacob’s wrestling with the angel symbolized his own doubts and fears; he was wrestling with his Higher Self as he released all he had attained. Such an inner struggle was natural. The person who desires to have his good expanded is often disciplined in this way. As he gains his emotional perspective, the discipline from it opens the way to his expanded good.

Your growth and expansion come in phases of normality. First you gain knowledge of the creative power of thought and begin to use it mentally. Then human relations problems often arise so that you may prove it in the heart, emotionally. Indeed, there is no balance in your consciousness until love and wisdom are united in you, and reflected in your life. The sages of old used to teach their students to declare often, “LET LOVE AND WISDOM BE UNITED IN ME.”

If you have been mentally fighting something in your life, rest your overworked mind Think, instead, in terms of love and peace. As you practice doing this daily, the results will amaze you!


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The Millionaire Moses

The Millionaire Moses

Amazing journey through the manifesting mind and actions of Moses, including how to claim your manna or “daily bread” and a detailed look at the prospering power of the 10 Commandments.




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“What is prosperity? It is not limited to any one phase of your life. Prosperity includes your increased peace, health and plenty. It is an experience in perpetual growth which leads to constant expansion of your world in both inner and outer ways. That expansion leads to your “Prosperity Unlimited”! That is what this book is all about.”

Catherine Ponder pretty much summed up my review in that little introductory paragraph. I will do my best to expand on it for you, though, as I believe The Millionaire Moses is a profoundly important book. Catherine Ponder began teaching prosperity principles in the depths of a recession, not unlike what we’ve been experiencing recently. And Moses is a perfect character to follow because we have all at one time in our lives felt “enslaved” to our conditions and lost in the “wilderness” of the unknown. This book chronicles Moses’ journey from slave to mastery of his own destiny and eventually to being the leader of an entire nation.

Imagine wandering in the “wilderness” for forty years before your good appears! You can considerably shorten your journey and reach your promised land and enter into it with far more ease and grace once you know and incorporate the prosperity laws demonstrated by Moses. These include the prosperity laws of cause and effect, fearlessness, the willingness to gather your daily bread (manna), and the holy trinity of prosperity laws – opulence, preparation and completion.

Ponder’s detailed description of how to gather your prosperous manna is a powerful blueprint that expresses the importance of recognizing the good that is at hand and putting it into use.

The most compelling part of The Millionaire Moses is Ponder’s chapter on the Prosperity Commandments. This delightful restating of the Ten Commandments uncovers the prosperity secret that God embedded in each commandment.

As Ponder points out, the biblical book of Exodus, in which Moses plays a starring role, shows you how to escape the bondage of financial limitation and hardships of every type. Each chapter in this book concludes with a vibrant affirmative meditation you can use to seat the principles into your subconscious.

Just as I had Ponder’s own words lead off this review, it seems fitting to let her have the last word as well:

“An expanded prosperity consciousness is a necessity in this age of increasing economic demands. Rising prices, “inflationary recessions,” and uncertain political and economic world conditions are all indications that we must raise and expand our consciousness to a new level of universal supply.

“Through using the prosperity laws described in this book, you can deliberately get into a universal prosperity vibration, and begin to experience more successful results in every phase of your life. Whatever you most need next in your life can open to you, as you open your mind to the prosperity secrets of the millionaire Moses.

Other concepts you’ll uncover in this book include:

  • The secret ways compromise tries to undermine your success
  • How to handle it when things appear to be getting worse
  • The importance of giving thanks BEFORE you take one more step
  • Why true graciousness in the face of negativity is so incredibly powerful
  • How to do the fearless thing – and how that act of courage can dissolve all obstacles to your good
  • Moses’ three secret weapons for prosperity – and how to use them properly
  • The importance of releasing pleasant circumstances, even when you’re in the middle of enjoying them fully!


Excerpts from The Millionaire Moses:

When in the throes of unhappy experiences, you may not be able to reverse your thoughts right away, but you can reverse your words. Repetition of right words impress both the conscious and subconscious phases of your world through your words. You can transform your life by transforming your thinking about your life through your words.

Almost everyone in the world today is in bondage to something. We are in the process of overcoming limited thinking and restricted living in some form. But this is for a purpose. It is through our bondage experiences that we “come to ourselves” inwardly and outwardly. Your bondage experiences motivate you to want to rise out of limitation and to go forward to something better!

The great cause of bondage is this:

Most of us have believed that we were helped or hurt by other people, that we received our good from outside circumstances, people or events. But our good really comes to us from within our own being. God in us is the fountainhead of all our good. When you realize this, nothing anyone does or says, or fails to do or say, can shake you up or keep you from claiming your good.

It is through persistently claiming your freedom, even in the face of apparent failure, that you come through defeat undefeated. Persistence is a first requirement for getting out of bondage. Moses proved it, and so can you!

It once took me ten years to get free of bondage to a certain problem. For long periods I felt I could not go on trying; the bondage seemed endless. Yet something in me made me go on. I had nothing to go back to.

When freedom finally came, I realized that every effort in that direction had been getting me ready for the final overcoming. Had it not been for the continuous effort, I would not have gained the inner strength needed to make the demonstration, nor the insight to keep it.

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Perhaps you are trying to cross a Red Sea of financial difficulties. If so, do something fearless. Face the financial challenge by saying to it, “You do not scare me.” Then stretch forth your thinking over the situation by declaring “Divine substance cannot be withheld from me now. Divine substance is the one and only reality in this situation Divine Substance is available, and Divine Substance is doing its bountiful work here and now. Knowing this, I have faith that every need is now met.”

In some way Divine Substance will come to your rescue. If you do not do the fearless thing at this point, you will just stand looking at your Red Sea of difficulties indefinitely and fearfully. This holds those difficulties in your life.

A housewife had several hundred dollars’ worth of bills due. She waited for money to appear with which to pay them. Nothing happened until she realized that she must do something fearless. She had just $10 left in her checking account. It was a “faith offering” given in the belief that additional money would appear.

She said to a friend, “I am going to demonstrate the prosperity I need because I have just done the fearless thing. I have given, so I have opened the way to receive.” It happened. She soon received $400 for some work she had done months earlier for which she had never been paid.

So often people have not gathered their manna, because they have stood back waiting to be divinely delivered from their needs in some spectacular way. Your needs will always be supplied when you begin to use something close at hand. You may wish to begin by asking, “Divine Substance, show me how to ‘gather my manna’.” Lead me to the abundance at hand. Show me how to use it, and how to multiply it.”

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Do not criticize your wilderness experiences. Instead, make the best of them. Affirm that good things are happening to you. Praise, bless and use what is at hand. You always have in your immediate midst whatever is needed to begin gathering your manna. As you use it fearlessly, your good will multiply in countless ways.

The success secret connected with Moses’ episode with the rock is that you can dissolve hard conditions in your life with words. There is tremendous magic even in ordinary words. People have often talked themselves into the grave through their use of ordinary words like “I feel bad,” I am so sick,” “I don’t think I’m going to make it,” “I inherited my bad health. It runs in the family.”

The power that your words have on your body and upon your financial affairs is nothing short of fantastic. Optimistic people, stricken with illness, have talked themselves back to health. Financially stricken people have talked their way back to prosperity. Because of the creative power of words, you need no longer hesitate to speak to rocky conditions. They will respond.

From the Ten Commandments, you can learn specific “prosperity and success teachings” that can cause you to depart from limited living. They can help you to experience liberation from less than the best in your life. To succeed means “to obtain favorable results.” The Ten Commandments show you how to do just that.

The first four Commandments have to do with man’s right attitude toward God as a rich and loving Father, and his right relationship with God – both with man’s indwelling God-nature and with the universal God.

The last six Commandments have to do with man’s right attitudes toward, and right relationship with, his fellowman.

All of the Ten Commandments contain powerful teachings in prosperous living that you need to understand and apply – especially when, like the rebellious Hebrews, you are tempted to compromise and settle for less than the best life during your wilderness periods. As you use them, they can become your “prosperity and success commandments” too!

To purchase this book on Amazon, click here or feel free to leave your comments below…

The law of opulence includes where you give your tithe. You place your faith where you place your money You should give your tithes at the point or points where you are receiving spiritual help and inspiration.

A businesswoman once wrote, “I do not understand it. I am using the laws of prosperity, yet I am not prospering. I have an apartment house that I cannot keep rented. Don’t tell me to tithe. I am already doing so.

When asked “Where are you tithing?” she replied, “I cannot see that it matters where I give. I tithe to the church that I used to attend because they still send me pledge cards. But I attend another church now where I find far more inspiration and practical help.”

It was suggested that where she gave her tithes is as important as how she spent the other 90 percent of her income. She would not go to one doctor for help, yet pay another. She would not go to one restaurant to be fed, yet pay at another restaurant. Neither should she give at one point when she had received spiritual help elsewhere.

Where you give your tithes is very important. It may not be the largest spiritual organization or the most prominent. You should give to that individual in spiritual work, or to that organization, where you are receiving spiritual help and inspiration.

You should deliberately prosper those who inspire and help you meet life’s problems victoriously – if for no other reason than to safeguard your own best interest! You should make your chosen channel of inspiration as prosperous as possible, in order to keep it free from financial burdens and so that it may continue to minister spiritually, unhindered by material care.

There are no shortcuts in developing a prosperity consciousness of opulence. There are those who say “I do not tithe to those who inspire me but I do show my appreciation with gifts.” You would not take your doctor or lawyer a gift instead of paying him properly for his professional services. A spiritual consciousness is the result of a lifetime (or perhaps many lifetimes) of development. Its help is priceless to the one seeking it. Just appreciation opens the way for the expansion of your own consciousness of opulence.

Sharing is always the beginning of opulent increase.

A young businessman wanted to enter into the ministry, but with a growing family to support, it seemed financially impossible. As the desire persisted, he quietly prepared anyway by attending night school and by taking correspondence courses to complete certain requirements. He even made a sermon preparation file. Every time he read a book, magazine article or newspaper item that interested him, he clipped it for his sermon file.

After quietly preparing for his desired profession in these ways over a period of time, a person of wealth made him a financial gift that covered his seminary training. When he became a minister, he drew heavily on the sermon materials he had secretly gathered and filed years earlier.

The prosperity law of preparation is this: Make a move toward your desired good by preparing for it. Then your good will make a move toward you.

A businessman needed a car. He reasoned that he should prepare for it by building a carport to house it. By the time he finished the carport, the way opened financially to purchase the car.

Have you ever had a negative experience that you could not get freed from? Or one that you were freed from for a time, then it reappeared? Have you ever had the same problem reappear again and again in your life, and you wondered why?

No experience can ever be concluded in your life until you have given it your final blessing. If you do not bless it, that old problem will reappear again and again, awaiting your blessing.

So long as you resent a troublesome person or circumstance, you will have to meet that problem repeatedly in your life in some guise. When you give a blessing to that person or circumstance, then comes your release – often in some dramatic way.

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The Millionaire Joshua

The Millionaire Joshua

Picking up where Millionaire Moses leaves off, this book guides you seamlessly through Joshua’s bondage, his wilderness wanderings and his entry into the promised land where he became a millionaire. Discover how you can too.




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The Millionaire Joshua Review:

When Moses sent scouts ahead to scope out the Promised Land, only two of those who ventured forth came back with positive reports, holding a positive focus on what the unknown held for those who had embarked on the Exodus. One of these was Joshua. It’s said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Moses was Joshua’s prosperity teacher, and Joshua dedicated many years to being Moses’ servant. It was Moses who led the former slaves to the Promised Land, but it was Joshua who helped them enter into it and overcome all obstacles they encountered there.

The difference between The Millionaire Moses and The Millionaire Joshua is like the difference between a law school education and an internship at a law firm. The first gives you the knowledge of the laws; the second instills a love for the laws and their use.

As Catherine Ponder pointed out toward the end of The Millionaire Moses: “Metaphysically, Moses symbolizes knowledge of the laws of success and prosperity, whereas Joshua symbolizes love of those laws and their use. Like Moses, we can claim freedom from a great deal of bondage in our lives through gaining a knowledge of the laws of prosperity and success. That knowledge can lead us out of bondage and to the very edge of our Promised Land. But it takes Joshua’s love of the laws of prosperity and success, and his fearless use of them, to carry us forward in making our Master Demonstration of getting into and staying in our Promised Land of unlimited good.”

As is often the case, the student surpasses the teacher. The Millionaire Joshua is a more advanced book. By saying that, though, I don’t recommend that you skip over The Millionaire Moses, or you’ll miss a great deal of the foundation that gets laid for being able to move to a place where your good is becoming manifest in a visible form.

We are often adept at manifesting what we desire. Where we usually fall short is in either claiming our good or being open to receive it! This book will help you burst through those challenging areas with ease and grace.

The book opens with Joshua’s life story. The remaining chapters are all step-by-step guides for putting his success strategies to work in your life.

Ponder does a remarkable job of putting into everyday terms why we have a challenge mentally accepting our good and how to overcome that challenge. She also outlines the Law of Attraction in a way you’re going to truly resonate with. Before there was Abraham Hicks….there was Catherine Ponder. How to meet an impossible situation successfully is covered in depth, as is what to do if your prosperity is withheld or when you make a mistake. This book wraps up with a wonderful expanded look at the Prosperity Law of Change which Ponder briefly touched on in The Millionaire Moses.

This book includes such powerful teachings as:

  • How to harness the full power of I AM
  • How to develop a true inner, metaphysical consciousness of prosperity
  • What Joshua’s loyalty to Moses’ teachings can mean to you if you do the same
  • The complete outline of the formula used to invoke the Prosperity Law of Mental Acceptance
  • How the Law of Attraction REALLY works
  • How to prosper using the atomic power of your words
  • The quick and easy way to remove a curse from your problems or life
  • The immediate action to take anytime you feel your good is being withheld or taken from you


Excerpts from The Millionaire Joshua:

I can certainly identify with Joshua, who went from slave to millionaire, and you probably can, too. He was born into Egyptian bondage where he experienced limitations of every kind. While still a slave in Egypt, Joshua learned about the power of thought. This gave him hope for a better way of life. Later, while in the wilderness, he learned and absorbed much from the masterful Moses, one of the Bible’s earlier millionaires.

After being freed from Egyptian bondage and escaping to the wilderness, Joshua acted as a spy in the Promised Land. There he surveyed its vast wealth and unlimited potential. Yet he had to wait another forty years in the wilderness of Paran before being allowed to permanently enter the Promised Land.

Joshua made this frustrating period of waiting a time of learning, planning and preparing. Then when the opportunity came, he was ready to go in, claim the Promised Land for his followers, and settle there.

It is an exciting story, and one that is symbolic of the vast good that can await you in your own life, as you follow through on Joshua’s success secrets that are explained in this book.

Psychologists say that when you think you have been rejected, you are in for a shock! Your good never rejects you. Instead, you subconsciously reject it.

Release of past limitations is often uncomfortable. Can you do it? Are you so attached to old patterns of living that you cannot get along without them? Are you emotionally attached to a belief in lack and illness as a necessary part of your life? Do you gain satisfaction from pitying yourself if you have financial or health problems?

If you want to be healed, you must be willing to give up the sympathy and attention that come from being sick.

To purchase this book on Amazon, click here or feel free to leave your comments below…

Stop saying that you have had a hard time in life. Who hasn’t – in one way or another? Stop talking about unhappy experiences. Cease trying to get sympathy. To continue doing so keeps you emotionally attached to hard experiences. As you continue to feed them emotionally, you keep them alive. There is no room in your thoughts and feelings for better experiences. Let go, release, loose, forgive, give up the past.

When you have reached the point where you take only the good from each experience and let the rest go, your progress into a happy life will be swift and certain! Begin to mentally accept this by declaring: “I take only the good from each experience. I let the rest go and my progress is swift, happy and certain.”

[Other people’s] doubts did not stop Joshua from continuing to dwell upon the Promised Land. Legend has it that Joshua would often go to the top of a high hill in the wilderness that overlooked the Promised Land and study how to enter it. He even worked out a master plan for success by which he could take the Hebrews into the Land of Canaan in just three short days. And his master plan worked! At the right time, he did so, even though they had viewed it from afar for forty years and had considered its capture an impossible task.

The Promised Land symbolizes the unlimited good which a rich, loving Father has for each person. This includes the unlimited abundance that He has for you! The Promised Land also symbolizes the unlimited good which every normal person desires. That good may not be spectacular. It may consist of the simple blessings of life: increased health, peace of mind, more harmonious relationships, financial security, more love, or a deeper understanding of the inner world of mind and spirit. The milk and honey that had been promised the Hebrews in the Land of Canaan are symbolic of peace, prosperity and spirituality. One’s Promised Land might consist of a desire for something specific, even spectacular, too.

To purchase this book on Amazon, click here or feel free to leave your comments below…

I served a small ministry comprised of sincere people, but it did not grow or prosper for several years. It was during this apparently nonproductive period that I had to make the decision that I loved the inner laws of success so much that I would continue researching them and using them anyway – whether they seemed to “work” for me or  not. That decision gave me a sense of peace and release, so that I relaxed and no longer strained to get results.

During that quiet period of almost a decade, I researched and wrote a number of books that became and are still popular best sellers, available now in paperback editions.

Toward the end of that ten-year period, I moved on and established a much larger ministry elsewhere. I was soon able to enjoy my first home. Later, I made the long-desired move to Southern California, where my world has continued to expand and be enriched, both professionally and personally.

Joshua may have learned about the “no” power of the mind while attending Moses’ secret school of wisdom in the wilderness. That there is dissolving power in the word “no” was one of the great secret teachings of the past. Ancient philosophers taught that man could dissolve his hardest experiences or conditions by saying “no” to them.

What you keep quiet about, you are also saying “no” to. Students of the mind have often spoken forth affirmative words describing their good, yet did not manifest that good because they kept talking about their problems. They scared away the good they were affirming with their negative conversations as they kept criticizing and condemning.

If you have not experienced the blessings you feel you should have in your life, check your words. What have you been saying about yourself, other people, and the world in general? Your negative conversations may have scared away your good.

To purchase this book on Amazon, click here or feel free to leave your comments below…

When you feel defenseless, do not rush about trying to meet the situation head on with some outer action. Become quiet, and work inwardly to attain an uplifted state of mind. Then observe circumcision by using your “no” power of the mind to cut off fear. When you no longer feel fearful, you are well on the way to achieving successful results in what you had thought was an “impossible” situation.

You can cut off fear with these thoughts: “Nothing is impossible with God, so I do not accept this as an ‘impossible’ situation. With God’s help, the impossible now comes to pass in this situation.”

When you work out an impossible situation from within, it may look for a time as though you are doing nothing. Your way of meeting a problem may appear strange to other people, but you should not let that bother you. Human opinion has no power for overcoming ‘impossible’ situations, and should be ignored.

The average person utterly discounts the fantastic power of his words. Yet he is reaping the results of them in his life every day. The Hebrews proved that when you speak forth good words, you set up an atomic vibration that will crumble a false situation, causing it to dissipate completely. Too many people are still inclined to read about the power of words, yet do not bother to speak good words into expression on a regular, daily basis. By not doing so, they rob themselves of the bountiful benefits that could be theirs.

This is a giving universe, as evidenced by the ebb and flow of the tides, the seasons off the year, night following day, and the profuse abundance of Mother Nature You cannot cheat this basic law of giving and receiving, which functions quietly throughout the universe. It works regardless of your misworking it. You can only cheat yourself out of much health, wealth and happiness if you foolishly try to bypass it.

The people in Joshua’s camp witnessed a universal truth: You cannot cheat God without cheating yourself. When you withhold from God’s treasury, you kill your own good.

To make matters even worse, when you withhold you have to give anyway – but to the negative experiences of life. Because this is a giving universe, you usually have to give many times the amount of your tithes for illness, accidents, family problems, financial and tax problems, loss, fire, theft, legal entanglements, and a thousand and one other ills.

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If your income has been limited, you may have felt that you could not afford to give. However, this is the very time when you could not afford not to give God his tenth. The fact that you are in financial difficulties shows that you are bound by small, anxious thoughts which are closing off the channels to increased abundance.

Tithing helps you to loosen up so that you can receive. Many people hold themselves in financial bondage because they have not been able to loosen up. To tithe is to let go. To let go is to open up. To open up is to receive.

If you face difficulties of any sort and feel that if you had done differently it would now be well with you, then remind yourself that Universal Intelligence never makes mistakes. If an ever-present Universal Intelligence within and around you never makes mistakes, then no mistakes have been made!

To realize that there are no mistakes – only experiences that were misunderstood – restores all things to their divine order. The tendency of the universe is toward perfection. Everything is striving to perfect itself. God’s universal good for you extend into every department of your life – even into apparent mistakes! To help you claim such universal goodness declare, “My good was all-powerful in that experience. My good still appears from that experience.”

In the very beginning you were created in the image and likeness of God and given dominion over everything in the universe, including time. This means that there is no time on the spiritual plane, so you have time for everything – everything important. But you must claim it.

If you do not seem to have time for everything, then like Joshua, you can take control of the elements by telling the sun and moon to stand still. How? By decreeing, “I have time for everything that is important and necessary to the divine plan of my life. This is a time of divine completion now.”

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The soul demands change for its expansion. In the midst of change, the creation of new good takes place. The death of the old is but the birth of the new.

You should never become bound to former ideas, relationships, or environments. As you expand your thinking, some old relationships and ways of living will probably drop away from you, but only to be replaced by new, more understanding ones.

You should not allow yourself to become so fixed to certain ways of living that you cannot be happy when those ways change, as they surely will.

Remind yourself often that all things work together for good, even amid changes. If the caterpillar could refuse to change, it would miss becoming a butterfly. The person who tries to avoid change often stagnates into experiences of loss, lack and failure. Change cannot be by-passed. It can only be temporarily avoided.

A mystical statement that has meant much to me over the years is this: “When the soul is ready for the next step in its upward growth, a great change takes place.”


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Healing Secrets of the Ages

Healing Secrets of the Ages

This is a hands-on blue print on how to use the 12 healing powers that are innate within each of us. Complete with hand drawn illustrations to help guide you in pinpointing the areas that empower you to heal yourself and others.




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The Healing Secrets of the Ages Review

Whenever someone starts talking about “secret teachings,” I have to confess that my eyes start to glaze over a bit and my attention tends to wander – a lot. You know the “secret teachings” I’m talking about. They’re always the ones that have been “known and invoked” by great minds down through the ages; the ones that have been “well-guarded and passed on from century to century to just a select few.”

The truth is, it’s not so much that the secrets have been withheld from us. It’s that there haven’t been many who are able to put the secret teachings into language that’s both understandable and usable for us. That all changed when Catherine Ponder wrote The Healing Secrets of the Ages. More than 40 years later, this book is still revealing the secrets to those who are willing to crack the spine.

This book is a companion book to The Dynamic Laws of Healing, and Ponder assumes you’ve already read that book before you dive into this one. This book highlights “the 12 mind powers that are located within the vital nerve centers in our body, which greatly affect your health, either constructively or destructively, depending on how you are using those mind powers.” Readers who are familiar with Unity publications may also want to read The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore (a personal favorite book!).

The Healing Secrets of the Ages is like a diagnostic textbook for determining the corresponding mental belief that is creating a particular disease. This book also contains the “prescription” for creating an inner mental healing that then reveals itself as an outer physical healing. The fact that you have within you the power to be whole, healed and healthy is incredibly empowering. And Ponder does a wonderful job of taking us on an exploratory journey so we can see exactly how we can activate our own healing powers of faith, strength, judgment, love, power, imaging, understanding, will, order, zeal, release and life. Read this book and discover for yourself exactly what Jesus meant when he said, “I came so that you may have life and have it abundantly.”

Excerpts from The Healing Secrets of the Ages:

Al the prayers in the world cannot heal you when you still turn your attention to and accept ill health as “necessary” for you. Your attention has result-getting power, so be careful what you give your attention to. Your attention is your faith.

The fact that your mind power of faith at the pineal gland is located between the ears and eyes has special significance: It indicates that what you listen to with your ears and see with your eyes, you have faith in and will manifest in your life. The fact that the pineal gland is affected by light is symbolic. Your faith is affected by mental and spiritual enlightenment. When you are trying to see and hear only the highest and best, thus expressing faith in connection with some situation, person, or diagnosis, it is good to decree: “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” Also, that is the time to call on the super-intelligence of the Christ Mind located at the crown of the head: “I HAVE FAITH THAT I AM UPLIFTED AND UPHELD BY THE CHRIST MIND. NOTHING CAN DISTURB THE CALM PEACE OF MY SOUL.

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I once knew a lady who looked 20 years younger than she actually was. She worked long hours in a demanding profession; yet she was never sick, had tremendous energy, and met both physical and emotional demands that would have overwhelmed the average person. Her secret? She regularly retired to her bedroom at the end of each day, relaxed her body, and “baptized” her 12 mind powers, especially calling forth “strength.”

As you deliberately activate your 12 mind powers, releasing their energy into the entire body, you will find chronic diseases passing away. First, the surface mental and emotional causes of these diseases will be dissolved. Next, you will cease fearing or talking about those diseases. Then as you persist in your affirmations, the deeper mental and emotional causes of the disease are penetrated, broken up, and rise to the surface of your emotions, after which they pass from mind and body forever.

It has been estimated that 70 percent of all disease is caused by suppressed emotion. Regret, sorrow, and remorse tear down the cells of the body. Thoughts of hate generate a deadly poison in the body, which can kill if not neutralized by love. All disease comes from violation of the law of love. Resentment and anger act as boomerangs producing sickness and sorrow.

Love is an awakener. Psychologists have found that people who know how to express love are healthier; they tend to get sick less and to recover more quickly. They age more slowly, and have better color, clear skins, better posture and circulation than do the depressed, cynical, bitter types of people.

Thoughts of love cause a beneficial chemical change to take place in the body. Thoughts of love bring forth life, renew health, and even change thoughts of death to thoughts of life. Just as the heart equalizes the life flow in the body, so love harmonizes the thoughts of the mind, bringing peace to both mind and body. You connect your soul-forces with whatever you center your love upon.

You can consciously and deliberately activate power, life and vitality through your spoken words Power has been described as the ability to start things, such as new streams of life, health, vitality flowing in to the body.

Quietly speaking words of life and love to every cell and organ and function of the body is the sure and permanent way to change your thought habits and bring about improved bodily health, along with new strength, new bone structure, new cell tissues, enriched blood supply and a toning up of the whole organism within and without If you wish to heal yourself, talk to your mind and body as you would talk to a patient.

The word “utter” and the word “outer” have the same root meaning. What you “utter” becomes “outer” in your health and affairs! Knowing this you need no longer feel powerless if disease strikes.

Your imagination is among the first of your latent mind powers to quicken. No matter what else you do or do not understand about the power of thought, the imagination is a mind power that you can begin using immediately! The more you practice developing this mind power, the more powerful your imagination will become. The more you train it to picture the good for yourself and others, the more quickly it will produce wonderful changes in your body and life

Indeed, to picture the good is one of the most scientific, yet practical, ways of bringing it to pass. To picture healing is one of the quickest, easiest and most pleasant ways of producing it metaphysically.

To meditate often on the statement, “I AM THE LIGHT OF MY WORLD,” can flood your whole being with light and dissolve all darkness. Light cannot injure light. Light is injured by nothing. It heals all. In the midst of this thought of light, you realize that you are immune from injury; that no one ever injured you. You forgive and forget any appearance of injury, now realizing it was an opportunity to prove the Truth.

Some cases of illness do not respond readily to the treatment, “NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE,” because the belief has been erroneously fixed in the patient’s mind that God wills suffering. But God’s will for all His creation is only good. When the patient realizes this, then perfect harmony can be activated in his mind and body, and this is the perfect will of God

Giving up the will of God is not a negative process. It simply makes way for one’s deepest desire to take expression. The will of God is the open door of fulfillment of all our dreams.

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One person who knew she had the mind power of order within her which could be released through decrees, used words of divine order to locate a lost key, to ease the pain in a hand burned from scalding water, to gain protection and peace of mind while traveling on ice-covered streets, to start a car when the battery was weak, to introduce a child to his first day at school, to speak the right words to a bereaved friend.

Once when this lady, her husband and their small son were traveling along a desert stretch in the Southwestern part of the United States, the brakes on their car suddenly gave way. As the small son started declaring aloud “divine order, divine order, divine order,” a service station suddenly seemed to “rise” out of the desert. There they found the help needed and learned that this was the only station within 50 miles!


People who have developed the mind power known as zeal do seem to have a special energy and power that makes them different from the masses; they do seem to have strange powers of accomplishment as the “divine afflatus” cleanses their minds and emotions, leaving them free to express ideas and talents that may even lead to greatness; and they do differ from the masses who are inclined to be listless, inactive and prone to wait for some outer power or event to stir them into action.

But the marvelous truth is that we all have this “certain something” – this “divine afflatus” – this special energy and talent that can incite us to glorious achievement. We only need to know how to recognize, release and direct it!


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