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When people started calling me the “heir apparent” to prosperity writer Catherine Ponder, I was both honored and humbled.

(People often ask how they can support our work. A link to tithe to our ministries is below – every gift you give helps us share these works with others!)

Catherine Ponder’s work profoundly influenced my life and my work as a mediator (, as a minister and as an author, prosperity coach and debt negotiator ( The fact that she agreed to write the Foreword to my book, Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, was my own personal manifestation.

In fact, Giving Thanks would have never existed, and I would have never gotten into the field of helping churches, individuals and businesses raise their prosperity consciousness, if I hadn’t stumbled across The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages so many years ago. When I wrote Giving Thanks, I knew instinctively that I wanted Catherine Ponder to write the Foreword. Yet I was so afraid of not manifesting that desire, I actually waited two years to publish the manuscript. We finally got to the point where it was time to put it into print. I was getting ready to go on a lengthy speaking tour. I sent the request out to Catherine and then promptly skipped town so I wouldn’t be waiting by my mailbox for a reply.

That she graciously agreed to write the Foreword to a book by a then relatively unknown writer was a precious gift. I knew one day I would find a way to give back, spreading the word about Catherine’s writings so others could benefit and learn to overcome their fears the way I had. One day, I had an “aha moment.”

I realized Catherine is not a big “Internet” kinda gal. So I purchased this website, and set the intention to create a virtual site where people searching for greater prosperity in any area of their lives could find the information that would transform their lives.

This site contains reviews and excerpts from all 16 of Catherine Ponder’s pivotal books. I’ve also included selected affirmations from those books and from my own life. New stories of the profound changes people have experienced using her principles are being added all the time. For your convenience, you can buy these books directly from this website (even Kindle versions!). We hope you fully enjoy and the information she shares in her books.

We encourage you to write a comment and let us know what transpired in your life from reading a particular book (or just reading the excerpts on this site!) or using a particular affirmation. And if you have a prayer request, we invite you to send it to us at It is a privilege and an honor to pray for you.

All of Catherine Ponder’s books point out the importance of Putting God First. I can’t overemphasize this point. When you remember to:

1. Give thanks for everything you already have,

2. Give thanks for everything you are expecting, and

3. Give thanks again when your good arrives,

you will find you’re already half-way to your destination of developing a magnificent prosperity consciousness.

My journey began when I read Catherine’s book and then started tithing. Even when it felt like tithing was the LAST thing I should be doing with the money I had on hand, I stepped out boldly in faith. Even when others questioned my decision to tithe, I kept on tithing. The inner and outer transformations in my life were worth the ridicule and the wilderness I wandered through on my journey. When done with right thinking, tithing is the catalyst for all creation. (I feel so strongly about it, of course, I had to write a book about it!)

Give thanks wherever you are spiritually fed. Whatever helps you grow spiritually is spiritual food. It may be a person, these books, this website, your local church, or other inspirational venues. The important thing is to give from the heart, with gratitude for what you have, for what you are about to receive and for what you have received.

What Some People Say:

Our big “aha!” moment

“Truly kick butt! We were really into “Setting Intentions that Work.” You’ve discussed this before in the newsletter, but this was the big Aha! moment.”
– Victoria B., in New York

Now I can give freely!

“Thank you for your raspberry story. For about 17 years, we lived in poverty and I wondered why, after I had given so much, we still lacked. I liked your placing giving in a larger context of other abundance activities. But what really helped me was your encouragement to start where you can in joy and good faith. I have begun to give as I feel I can freely and have experienced some new sources of income. As I grow, I know the issue of tithing, which has been fraught with so much negativity for me, will no longer be a mental burden and that I will see what I need to do.”
— Shirley F., in Missouri

No more fear and trepidation!

“Thank you for your writing and your personal words of encouragement. I’m continuing to tithe but no longer is it with fear and trepidation. No longer is it feeling like I’m taking 10% of “my” money to give to God, but like I’m giving back what is God’s. I’m not out of the woods yet, but at least now I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. A lot more work is coming in and I feel much more joyful as well.”
– Steve E. in Minnesota

Learned my lesson!

 “I happened to be listening to the radio when the segment about you was aired. What you were saying intrigued me. I went to your website and enjoyed it thoroughly. Then I clicked on where you talked about the 90-day tithing plan. That was my lesson!! Due to procrastination, I have carried 3 weeks of tithing around in my purse. Today I am distributing those funds to various sources that have touched my soul. Needless to say, yours is one of them!”
— Gloria G., in Illinois

Fantastic — keep on writing!

“Your Embracing Abundance was fantastic. We need more such messages. God bless you real good and keep on writing on.”
— Victor E., in Nigeria, West Africa

No more financial chaos

“I’ve already begun healing my relationship with money. I’m taking steps to move on from my current job which I’ve been hanging on to out of fear. I see now I’ve been using credit cards as my security blanket and how I’ve been creating financial chaos in my life because I’m so unhappy with my job. As my very first step in healing my relationship with money, I’m tithing. I’ve tried it before but it hasn’t worked for me. After reading your words, I understand why. I tithed because of what I expected to get back from it, not just to give. I was still rooted in scarcity thinking.”
– Yvonne F., in Missouri

A Special Note

Through the generous outpouring of their tithes and offerings over the years, the readers of Catherine Ponder’s books have helped her to financially establish three new churches – the most recent being a global ministry, the nondenominational Unity Church Worldwide, with headquarters in Palm Desert, CA. Likewise, the readers of Paula Langguth’s Ryan’s books and online publications and audios have helped her to financially establish two new churches – the most recent being a global ministry, the nondenominational The Village Gathering with business headquarters in Cocoa, FL. We both thank you for your help in the past and for all that you continue to share.

We invite you to share your tithes with the churches, temples, mosques and other spiritual organizations or individuals of your choice – especially those where the truths shared on this website and in these books are taught. Such churches and organizations include those of denominations such as the Conference on Practical Christianity, the Miracle Distribution Center, Unity, Divine Science, Religious Science, Science of Mind and other related spiritual centers, many of which are members of The International New Thought Movement (For a list of such churches, write to The International New Thought Alliance, 5003 E. Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ 85206). Your support of such churches and ministers can  help spread the prosperous Truth that our population seeks in this New Age of transformation.

For your convenience, if you wish to share a tithe or offering on line, your tax-deductible donation can be sent directly to The Village Gathering through Paypal. Non-deductible donations can be sent online through our secure shopping cart. Both can be reached by visiting this page on our website:

You can mail tax-deductible donations to:

The Village Gathering (please make checks payable to The Village Gathering)
1121 Annapolis Road, Suite 120
Odenton, MD 21113

By truly investing your time and energy and THOUGHT into the principles shared here you can transform your life. It may not be a “get rich quick” transformation. It is, however, a lasting one.

As Catherine Ponder would say, “Richest Blessings to you as you step into your greatness!”

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan


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